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#514 Faith in Purple

There are times in life when our preferences do not line up with God’s purpose for our life. I have been through many of these times and am going through one now. Today’s piece of art is an homage to those times. The Girl in Purple is struggling with her faith and the preferences she has for her life. The small painting was created on an old 8×10 book page using pen and soft pastels.


#512 & 513 Two Simple Line Drawings

In the course of my artist’s lifetime there are many times I create simple line drawings and then color them in for effect. These are two of those drawings. They are 8×10 drawings done in #2 pencil highlighted in pen then colored in with colored pencil.

#506 Picking Flowers

My twist on an older painting I saw. I was trying to practice my observation skills…i.e learning to see things more for details than just looking. The drawing was done with a #2 pencil on an 8×10 white piece of paper and then the flowers were highlighted with color pencil. I am taking a course on studying the Bible and one of the things I learned is this read the passage, read round the passage, read the passage some more. Once you have done this go back and keep reading it until God and the Holy Spirit make it clear what you need to be learning from reading the passage. It is funny how art sometimes translates into life. In art you must, look, look and then look some more .until you see what needs to be created.