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#480 Two White Flowers

A 9×12 canvas panel acrylic abstract painting. I tried to stick to a simple palette of colors. I like the end result. I think this is one of my favorite paintings. My advice for today is this always use the K.I.S.S (Keep it Super Simple) principle. The more complicated we make things the harder it will be to get through this life.


#479 The Fisherman

A small 6×9 abstract pastel painting of a boy fishing. The picture was created on a piece of Strathmore drawing paper. I spent the day at the beach. I don’t go into the water. I just enjoy looking out over God’s creation. It inspires me. My advice today is to take some time and enjoy what is around you.

#478 Vase of Orange and White Flowers

I decided to let my inner artist take over for this painting. Parts of the painting are more simplistic than I usually create but I like the end result. The painting is an 8×10 acrylic painting created on a canvas panel. I think in our Christian walk we sometimes overthink things. I feel that is why Jesus said to have faith like a little child, because children don’t overthink things they just have faith it will happen.

#477 Blowing in the Wind

This drawing is another of my 6×9 paintings. The painting was created using oil pastels and a #2 pencil on a piece of Strathmore paper. Someone once said, I don’t know who, that in order to love what you do you have to do what you live. I love art and would love to work as an artist full time. The fear have is this, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. In other words would art lose its appeal. I don’t know but I would sure love to find out. So ends my wisdom for today.

#477 Blue Vase

The Blue Vase is my first foray into oil pastels. The painting is done on 6×9 Strathmore drawing paper. Oil pastels I thought would be similar to crayons but their not. They’re much more pliable and colorful. I will continue to play with oil pastels creating more art with the medium in the future. Learning something new in life is like learning something new in art. You have to jump, no be afraid to take chances and above all keep going.

#476 Lady Walking Away

A 6×9 piece of wall art done in a mixed media of colored pencil and oil pastel. The lady is a reminder to us all that we can’t always see what is ahead of us in life. This is why we must always put our trust and faith in God to carry us along and through whatever comes our way.

#473 On The Dark Blue Sea

The wind is gone. The sails are down, The boat is idly sitting on the dark blue sea. The painting is a 9×12 acrylic painting rendered on watercolor paper. I could use this painting for a lot of metaphors but I won’t. The only thing I’m going to say is as I sit here on this rainy day is that God is our source of life and He alone is the wind that pushes our boat long. Lift up your life and feel the wind.