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Daily Drawing #169, Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. The prompt for today the word, “father,” of course. My picture entitled, “Me and My Dad,” is an homage to my father who passed on many years ago. It is a reflection back to the days when I would venture to the mountains of West Virginia to visit family. So all the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day.

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Life is a Mystery, Doodle #61


babyOn this auspicious day of March 2nd the prompt for the daily doodle is a mystery. No I mean the prompt was to draw something based on the word mystery.  I spent quite a few hours pondering this one.

The reason I chose the baby and the puppy was because to me life is a mystery. Science seeks to explain life away as a process but to me life is more than a process. It is a miracle wrapped up in a mystery which can only be answered by a faith in God.  I know there will be those who disagree but that is okay. I hope you enjoy my picture “A Girl and Her Dog.”

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Daily Timeout for Art #27


Today’s offering entitled the “Sunflower” is a mixed media affair. The original sketch was done on an old book page and then enhanced digitally using “Art Studio.” As always any art work on my blog is for sale simply email me.