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#421 The Little Town

All my life I’ve wanted to live in a small town. The main reason is because of the feeling of community. I miss the days when I could visit my neighbor and hang out for a little while just talking. Also when you needed help people were always there. This drawing is an homage to those by gone days. It is done in soft pastels on 9×12 white paper.

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#420 The Little Red Dress

This illustration entitled “Little Red Dress” is the latest in a series I am doing. The drawing is done in color pencil and pen on an 8×11 old book page. I enjoy doing these fashion illustrations because…well I don’t know why I enjoy them. I just do. In life we don’ t always need to explain every move we make. There are times we are led by God and when we look back we think to ourselves, “Why did I do that? It was so out of my comfort zone.” But you see the only way we can grow in faith and knowledge is by going outside of our comfort zone and I guess that is why I like these drawing because they help me grow as an artist. So step out in faith today. It may be uncomfortable at first but it will help you grow as a Christian.

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#419 Broken Gate

This is a drawing of a broken gate on an old country path. My original drawing is in the upper left corner. It was created using soft pastels and color pencils on an old 9×12 piece of manila paper. The other three pictures were created using a photo editing app called Photo2infinity. My favorite is the manga drawing in the upper right hand corner.

The broken gate is a reminder that as Christian paths we seek to take have gates broken by God so we cannot open them and stray from the course which is set for our lives. I also think there are times when we take it upon ourselves to push open the broken gates and take the wrong path. These end up being reminders to us how much we need to stay on God’s true path.

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#417 Sometimes There is Rain

I created this painting using a piece of 9×12 grey paper; 3 colors of grey and a black soft pastel. The flower is color pencil. In life there is always going to be times when there will be some rain. These are the times we can either draw closer to God or push Him away. The comfort comes in the fact no matter what when we come to God as He states in Hebrews, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” In the rainy times we need to look through the torrential downpour and see God right there before us.

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#415 Red Dress Sitting Around

This is the newest entry in a series of paintings I’m doing with depictions of seated models. This one like the rest is on a 6 1/2 by 8 old book page. It is illustrated using soft pastels and color pencils. I hope you like the drawing. I have no message for today other than to say to get better at anything you must put your faith in God and trust Him to guide you.