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#464 Abstract Blue Flower

The forth in a series of abstract flower paintings was, like the rest, rendered on an 8×10 flat canvas panel. The backgrounds for these paintings was done with a scraping technique. I like the way the randomness of what is left after you add then scrape away layers of paint. It is like what God does in our life. He adds different layers to our life then scrapes away the parts which hinder our growth in the Christian life. Then what is left is a work of art.


#463 Abstract White Flower

The third in my series of acrylic abstract flowers on an 8×10 flat panel canvas. This one is probably my favorite so far. I love the way the white flowers pops on the grey and orange background. The flower reminds me of something Jesus once said and I paraphrase, You don’t put a light under a basket where the light is hidden, no you put it out on a table for everyone to see. In the same manner do not hide your faith, put it out there for everyone to see as their guiding light.

#462 Abstract Orange Flower

The second in my series of abstract flowers. It is created using acrylic paints on a 8 x 10 flat panel canvas. Over the course of my art life I find myself doing more and more abstracts. I like working outside the rendering of the real. Don’t get me wrong I still like creating life like portrayals but working outside of the box gives you certain freedoms. The Christian life can appear to be an abstract painting at first it seems like a jumble of a new ideas and way of life but after you read your Bible and with the help of the Holy Spirit everything gets clearer.

#461 Abstract Red Flower

I recently started dabbling once again in acrylic paints. I decided to try my hand at doing a series of abstract flowers. The red flower done on an 8×10 flat panel canvas. The type you buy at your local art supply store in packs of six. I like the flat panels because they fit in a frame much better than a normal canvas.

#460 Some Purple Flowers

I created this piece using a yellow piece of 9×12 card stock using soft pastels and pen highlights. I started this piece over a year ago and hen sat it aside. I came back to it and added the flowers and leaves. I guess persistence pays off especially in the art world. God calls us to remember that life is not a sprint. No, live is a marathon which requires us to endure the long run ahead of us. The key as Paul points out is to run the race set before us with joy. This requires us to be persistent and not turn from God.

#459 Watching the Clown Fish

I fell in love with the picture of this cat intently looking up into the sky. I then wondered what the cat was watching. This is when I add3d the clown fish swimming along. The painting is rendered on grey 9 x 12 card stock using soft pastel and color pencil. In ,ice we are a,ways witness to God’s whimsy. What I mean is God is not restricted in what He does and how He enacts His decision. We also need not be stoic Christians but enjoy and smile as we journey through life.

#458 Abstract Daisies Redo

If this painting looks familiar. That is because it is. I created the same piece of art earlier using soft pastels. For this one I used acrylic paints on a 9×12 canvas. I like both mediums because of the vibrant colors. I hope you have blessed day and as always remember to live like God is watching , because He always is watching over us.