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#455 Orange Poppies

I love the spring and summer because it is when God’s beauty is on display for all to see. There are so many varieties of flowers it creates numerous opportunities for what I call flower “portraits.” This portrait was created using a scrap piece of scrapbook paper using soft pastels. The painting is around 8×12. I love God’s handiwork. It sets off a rainbow of colors. The Bible tells us in Genesis that God separated the land from sea and first populated it with plants. I can only imagine Adam’s first glance at the garden around him. How the breath would escape from his lungs when he see the would of beauty around. I love creating flowers because it is just a brief glance into that beauty.


#453 Pink and White Flowers

There are some pictures which inspire me to try them just to see what the end result. The original picture had whit flowers. I felt compelled to add a touch of pink. I just think it adds something to the picture. I used a pen to highlight the vase and stems them overplayed soft pastels. The background is a yellow piece of 9 x 12 scrapbooking paper.

Daily Drawing #225, Cool Late Summer Thoughts

I am a big fan of polar bears. I don’t know why but I think because on a hot day they’re a reminder of coolness. Polar bears live in the Arctic, which at times can be one of the coldest most inhospitable places on earth. God created the North and South Poles as a balance for our planet. They are there not only to regulate the tilt of the world but also to provide a balance in the hydro-static ecosystem on the world. As the planet heats up the poles start to decrease which is what is happening right now. I am going to get into a discussion on global warming but of personal warming.

God gave us His Word, the Bible, in order to provide a balance to our lives. If we let our personal warming lessen our reliance on God’s Word we will start to loose some of our Christian witness. That is why it is important to get into the Bible everyday in order to stop our personal warming.

Daily Drawing #199, Summer, A Time to Enjoy?

I must admit again I am not a big fan of the summertime. I used to like summer but only because it meant we got out of school for 3 months. Today, I still get off for the summer because I work for a school district, but now I spend my days off working around the house, mowing grass, painting and a whole lot more. Not the way I would like to enjoy my summers. I would much rather spend some time outside, lounging around on a patio or deck, drinking a cold sweet tea, while conversing with my friends. The title of today’s offering is entitled, “Little Red and Her Cat in the Sunshine.” Little red and her cat are enjoying being outside on a nice summer day. My hope is you’re doing the same. Happy summer to all and to all have a good bright (and sunny summer of fun).



Daily Drawing #167, Cool Nights, Warm Summer Breezes

Warm is the prompt word of the day and my daily offering is simply entitled, “A Summers Eve Camping Trip.” I have only been camping several times in my life and I can say for sure it is not one of my favorite things, even for a guy from West Virginia. While I may not like camping I do like summer and cool summer breezes. So if you like camping as part of your summertime festivities then go out and camp. God gives us the gift summer for three months so enjoy it wisely and safely.