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3 Reasons I Like to Draw

I like drawing even more than I like to paint. Here are three quick reasons why.

1. Drawing allows me to see. Most of the time when I walk through the world around i don’t take the time to see what is there. Drawing allows me to take the time to see the details of what is there. To put down on paper my take on the

2. I love the simplicity of a line drawing. Line drawing allows you to create a representation of what you’re drawing without all the worry of trying to match the colors. A line drawing pops from the page as black (or whatever the color ink) is juxtaposed against the background color.

3. Drawing is surrendering. What I mean is that drawing takes away the stresses of the day and gives you time to surrender to the creative voice inside. We all have a creative voice given to us by God. It is only when we listen to that voice in a creative way, drawing, music, dance, whatever do we feel the worries of the world melt away. Oh by the way

I believe serving, teaching and other aspects of the Christian life are also part of the creative voice inside. They take time and effort and the direction of the Holy Spirit to perform.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Yourself An Artist

If over the course of your lifetime you are creating works of art but have still uttered this phrase, “Man I would love to be an artist.” It is time to Stop. I can say that because I have been in your shoes. I never took myself to be a serious enough creator to call myself an artist. I was what I’ll call a dabbler in the Arts. But one day it hit me, I am an artist. Here are the five reasons why this realization came to me.

1 I have created hundreds of art pieces and feel the urge to create more work of better quality. Art is no longer a hobby. It has become part of who I am.

2. My work looks good to me. There was a time I measured my work against others. Then I came to the realization. My work is not going to look like theirs because it comes from my heart. Sure I can learn from others but with the knowledge the final piece of art will have my creative twist.

3 I have art supplies out the wazoo. If you’re any kind of artist you know what I mean by this one. We artists seem to accumulate art creating materials. At times I feel like a art supply hoarder. I try a new medium and get supplies and then add them to a shelf in the art room.

4. I no longer need all the how to books I’ve bought over the years to try and learn just one more trick to become a true artist. Over the years I also relied on those books books to give me an idea of an art style. Now I create my art from pictures I take or get from free use sites and then put my own spin on them. The books are no longer needed.

And most importantly

5. My mindset changed. I no longer call myself, a dabbler. I am an artist. I create art my way and am proud of what I’ve created and continue to create. Even the pieces which don’t work out the way I wanted. I am still learning my craft. While I learn it is time to start sharing my art with the world. Oh yeah part of the sharing means taking the next step….selling your work.

Being Normal is Boring

How to start this short article? How indeed. All through my younger and adolescent years I heard phrases like this, “Why aren’t you normal?” Or “Why don’t you act normal?” I was always trying to figure out what was normal. To me I was normal.

I have discovered that each person has their own normal which has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad. It is just the way we go about our day. The things we do our habits so to speak.

Why is this important to know as an artist? The main reason is this. We need to be ourselves, our normal when we create art pieces. I have heard it said, “Art comes from the heart.” Down where our normal exists. God gives each of us our normal, our unique gifts. It is okay to use other artists work for inspiration but it is more important to be yourself because that is what makes your art, your art.

In the New Year try not to be so normal in your artwork because it is boring. Create art outside the normal i.e art from the heart.

3 Reasons Why Art is My Therapy

In my 60 plus years on this earth I have discovered one truth, well besides the fact God is alive and well, life is a rollercoaster. One day your climbing the hill and every thing looks good from the top but once you reach the pinnacle and the car your riding in clicks and heads down the steep hill things can change quickly. It is on these days I lean on God but I also get out my drawing pad and some for on pairing medium and commence to creating. While I don’t consider my art to be anything special there are three reasons art is my therapy.

1. Creating is calming. Sitting down at a table in your hand and a drawing pad or picture to color is calming. There is something about sitting there that make you feel peaceful. Maybe it is because of my second reason.

2. Art is time filling. When you art tome seems to fly by. Some call this the left brain/right brain switch. I call it the joy of creating. From the moment you .ay down the first line of a drawing to the moment you see the finished painting it is time well spent. Which leads to the third reason I like art as a therapy.

3. The finished drawing brings joy to the heart. When you look down at what you have created it brings such a peace and joy to your heart that at times I wonder if this what God thought when He created everything then stood back and said “This is good.” Art is a process and while the start of any pieces of art is exciting to me, the end is where I get the most satisfaction.

These are the three reasons art is good therapy for me and could be for you. I am not an art therapist but if you want to email me I would be glad to talk to you about how you can get started.