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Daily Drawing #286, Live Life A Little Abstractly

As an artist I struggle with what I would call true abstract art. Sure I’ve created pieces of art which border on the abstract but I find most of my pieces are slightly altered real life drawings or cartoons. I hope to keep broadening my horizons and branch out into more abstract pieces. Life is kind of like an art piece you can either live it like a real life drawing or have some fun living life a little more abstractly. Think about it.


Daily Drawing #248, When Love Comes Down

When the heart is heavy, love comes down. When the soul is weary, love comes down. Love comes down, love comes down. God’s love came down to us in order that we may have a way to go to Him some day.

Daily Drawing #243, Which Way Do I Go?

My wife is always getting on me because I don’t follow directions or ask for them when I get lost. I always try to rely on my not so keen sense of direction which never works out. Jesus tells us there are two roads, “the wide road which leads to destruction.” and the “narrow road which leads to salvation.” The problem many times we take the easy way out and follow the wide road because at the time it seems the easier ride. After all the road is filled with traffic and they all can’t be wrong.

Well the truth is this, the wide may be well traveled but it is not the way to travel through life. The best way to get through life is the narrow road and the way to get travel along the road is by reading the directions (the Bible). The narrow road may be filled with twists and turns and a lot of mountains and valleys but the right directions will get you there. Now get our your directions and start traveling the narrow road.

Daily Drawing #223, Seeking Out Your Neighbor

We always think of our neighbors as the people who live in proximity to where we live. However Jesus , when asked by a lawyer about the identity of our neighbors launches into the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The whole purpose of the parable is to show the lawyer and others including us that our neighbors are anybody we see who needs our help. In other words anybody we come in contact with, because the world needs to know love. So the next time you run into a neighbor show them Jesus’ love and take the time to help them to the best of your abilities.

Daily Drawing #211, What is a Chibi?

The drawing today is my first try at a Chibi. What is a Chibi you might ask?  Well chibi, “is a Japanese slang word describing something short (a thing, an animal or a person).” In this case a Chibi is a manga drawing of usually a little child with a large head and a small body. At heart I am a cartoonist. I have always loved the work of such cartoonists as Schulz and Davis. It is there work which inspired me to take up drawing in the first place. Over the years I stopped cartooning because there was no outlet for me to display my work. Years ago their was not internet so you had to send out your work and get back those dreaded rejection slips.

Nowadays you can post your work on line for others to see. What I guess I am trying to say is this, don’t give up on your art. Keep practicing what you love and then put it our there for all to enjoy. I create art for myself and because God calls me to draw. It is my ministry.  I have been reminded by God and others over the years that if you try to create pieces to please everyone it is only going to get you discourage and frustrated and you will not longer enjoy your craft.


Daily Drawing #209, You Aren’t A Sly Fox

There is an old saying that goes something like this, “Art imitates life,” or put another way, “The observation that a creative work was inspired by true events; based on a true story.” As artists many times we operate like sly fox by creating works based on something we see but with our own foxy ways which happens to be the title of my drawing today, “Our Foxy Ways.” In our Christian walks there are times we when we think we art foxing God. You know what I mean those times when we do stuff when no one else is watching but remember this God is always watching our daily walk.

He sees our ways, even those times when we think we are outfoxing others. God does not watch us because He wants to point out our flaws or point a finger. He watches us because He cares for us like a parent who watches their children to protect them from what would harm them. So the next time you think you’re out foxing someone remember God is watching. You may fool someone else but God knows exactly what you’re doing.

Daily Drawing #204, Where Have All the Churches Gone?

Back many,many years ago I first accepted the call of Jesus and asked Him into my heart. Soon after I started attending a church where many people listened to what was at the time labeled Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. One of my favorite artists of the genre was Steve Taylor. His music was to say different than anything I had ever heard before. I look back from many years later and think of one song of his which I really liked entitled, “This Disco Used to be a Cute Cathedral.” The song to me was about the decline in attendance at many churches which seems to be on the rise. Years ago attending your local church was something you did without question. Back then the church in turn to care of the needs of the people.

In our modern society over 80% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 20% attend church. That leaves 60% of the people who claim to be Christians not filling the seats in local churches. This means as Steve Taylor sings many churches empty and being converted to other uses.

This is sad my friends because a church is not just a place where we worship, it is a place called to be in service to God in the local community. So we need to get our you know whats back into the seats to worship but also out of the seats and into the streets in service to serve God by helping those in need.