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#419 Broken Gate

This is a drawing of a broken gate on an old country path. My original drawing is in the upper left corner. It was created using soft pastels and color pencils on an old 9×12 piece of manila paper. The other three pictures were created using a photo editing app called Photo2infinity. My favorite is the manga drawing in the upper right hand corner.

The broken gate is a reminder that as Christian paths we seek to take have gates broken by God so we cannot open them and stray from the course which is set for our lives. I also think there are times when we take it upon ourselves to push open the broken gates and take the wrong path. These end up being reminders to us how much we need to stay on God’s true path.


Daily Drawing #204, Where Have All the Churches Gone?

Back many,many years ago I first accepted the call of Jesus and asked Him into my heart. Soon after I started attending a church where many people listened to what was at the time labeled Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. One of my favorite artists of the genre was Steve Taylor. His music was to say different than anything I had ever heard before. I look back from many years later and think of one song of his which I really liked entitled, “This Disco Used to be a Cute Cathedral.” The song to me was about the decline in attendance at many churches which seems to be on the rise. Years ago attending your local church was something you did without question. Back then the church in turn to care of the needs of the people.

In our modern society over 80% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 20% attend church. That leaves 60% of the people who claim to be Christians not filling the seats in local churches. This means as Steve Taylor sings many churches empty and being converted to other uses.

This is sad my friends because a church is not just a place where we worship, it is a place called to be in service to God in the local community. So we need to get our you know whats back into the seats to worship but also out of the seats and into the streets in service to serve God by helping those in need.


Daily Drawing #203, Enjoy A Quiet Picnic with Your Friends

Today’s drawing entitled, “Goin’ On A Picnic,” is offered as a piece of advice. Life is hard, we work, work, work and then work some more without ever really taking some time for ourselves. The problem is God designed us as being who need to rest once in a while. the easiest and cheapest way I know to do this is to gather family and friends together and go to a local or state park and have a picnic. Picnics are fun. There is a lot of food, fellowship and of course relaxation. So if you’re reading this right now, take the advice and plan pot luck picnic with fun and games. Oh, if you don’t know what pot luck means, it is where everyone brings some food or drink to share.

Daily Drawing #193, Taking Snapshots in the Wilderness

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with taking pictures. Over the years from my teen years till now I have taken thousands of them. Where they all are now I have some idea. Some were lost in the sands of time, others occupy old dusty photos albums and the rest are stored on a portable hard drive. There are times when I go back and look through some of the photos. Truthfully though most of them I haven’t seen in years. My drawing today is a reminder to us all while it is nice to document our lives with our phones or cameras it is also important to make sure we are not losing out on all the fun while trying to the best picture. I also think if we are going to document our lives it is better to do some videos so when we are gone others will have some reminders they can watch instead of store in a drawer.

Daily Drawing #175, Peace, Peace, Perfect Peace

The title of my drawing today is, “Give Me A Little Peace.” When I was kid I knew a lot of people who were hippies. There favorite greeting was to say was, “Peace Man.” Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew real peace especially in the world we live in now. One of my favorite books of the Bible is James and one of my favorite verses is James 3:18 ESV, “And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” I am not quarrelsome person I love to be at peace because to me to get peace from others you need to be a bearer of peace and love to others. Oh what our world be if our social media was filled with peaceful messages instead of full of barbs and hate.

Walking With Courage, Doodle #66


Courage, The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the prompt was the lion from the Wizard of Oz. The second thing which popped into my head was Cowardly the dog from an old cartoon show. What do both these characters have in common. They both were cowardly but in the face of obstacles they stood tall and did brave acts.

Courage may come in finally standing up to a bully in school. It may come when you walk into a doctor’s office and hear those three life changing words, “You have cancer.” It may come when you face the end of your life. The main point is no matter how much you try and avoid it there are time in your life when you must stand up like a lion, be brave and walk with your head high into the battle even when you want to crawl under a rock and hide.

If you have faith in God the Bible says in Ephesians 6:10 that we can, “Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power.”

I hope you like today’s doodle and my brief ramble.

Tree over the mountain

Love the beauty in the lights and darks of this photo

Art at the push of a button

B&W, Eng Alm, Karwendel, Notis Stamos This is now the wallpaper on my mobile.

Happy new year! My first post for 2017 is another favorite from last year. This became a favorite during post processing though, when I had the idea to make the tree leaves light against a dark sky, instead of the opposite, which was my original idea when taking the shot.

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