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#563 of 1001 Little Church Down the Lane

I sometimes just like to sit down and draw. The little church is one of those drawings. A simple pen drawing on an old book page.


#506 Picking Flowers

My twist on an older painting I saw. I was trying to practice my observation skills…i.e learning to see things more for details than just looking. The drawing was done with a #2 pencil on an 8×10 white piece of paper and then the flowers were highlighted with color pencil. I am taking a course on studying the Bible and one of the things I learned is this read the passage, read round the passage, read the passage some more. Once you have done this go back and keep reading it until God and the Holy Spirit make it clear what you need to be learning from reading the passage. It is funny how art sometimes translates into life. In art you must, look, look and then look some more .until you see what needs to be created.

1001 Drawings, #322 All Dressed Up

Yesterday I talked about how we see the other people around us. Today I want to mention how we see ourselves. The Bible tells us we are to think of ourselves to highly lest we concreted and fall away. The Bible also tells us not to think of yourself lest you fall into despair. Me, while I am not what I would call handsome or athletic I like to think of myself as a child of God. This view helps me find my place in this world.

1001 Drawings #318, A Collection of Hats

In life we wear many hats. I for instance am a husband, a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, an educational assistant, an artist Buthelezi most importantly a follower of Jesus. The key to life is making sure we seek and understand the importance of the hat we wear as a follower of Jesus and how it ties in with all the other hats.

1001 Drawings #316, A Girl’s Best Friend

I grew up wanting to be a cartoonist. While I am no Charles Schultz from time to time I like to draw a cartoon just for old times sake. The cartoon today is entitled “A Girl’s Best Friend.” The reason for the drawing is that many times is life we come across a friend who like a girl and a dog which on the surface do not go together. I have known many like that over the years. One of those is our relationship with God. On the surface how can a totally Holy God have any friendship with beings who are mentioned in the Bible many times as sinful. The answer is Jesus. He is the one who came over two thousand years ago to be the bridge to a friendship with God. Don’t take my word read the Bible, examine it and then decide for yourself.