Daily Drawing  #189, When in Doubt, Take A Hike

The prompt for today was the word, “solitude.” You wouldn’t know it if you saw me but I am a very introverted person so at times I enjoy my solitude and what better way to get alone but to take a hike. A short walk along a trail, a quiet road, along the beach or any place in nature is a reminder of the Creator as His creation unfolds before you. Just gazing at His workmanship helps my doubts slip away so  mind can be free of the worries of the day. Alone time, on a hike, can also give you time to converse with God. Yes I said converse, not in just prayer but also by talking to God who the Bible tells us is, “close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me” (Psalms 23:4 NLT.)

Daily Drawing #171, Portrait in Pencil

Today’s offering is, “Portrait in Pencil,” of course based on the prompt word, portrait. I sometimes go to the website Something to Draw in order to get ideas for paintings or drawings. The drawing was based a picture which came up for the search word faces. It is just a rough drawing and I don’t know if I will do anything else with the picture. It could end up in my, Drawings I Practiced, file. Pete Rose was quoted as saying, “My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.” Honing our craft is only part of the equation, the other part can be found in 1Peter 4:10, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:” In closing remember, “Practice makes perfect service for God.”

Daily Drawing #167, Cool Nights, Warm Summer Breezes

Warm is the prompt word of the day and my daily offering is simply entitled, “A Summers Eve Camping Trip.” I have only been camping several times in my life and I can say for sure it is not one of my favorite things, even for a guy from West Virginia. While I may not like camping I do like summer and cool summer breezes. So if you like camping as part of your summertime festivities then go out and camp. God gives us the gift summer for three months so enjoy it wisely and safely.

Doodle #114, Looking Beyond the Fence

The task for today was to draw or paint a fence. The end result is my drawing “Me, My Dog and a Fence.”  When I was younger one of my favorite songs was “Signs” by the Five Man Electric Band.  I loved the part of the sing where he complains about people putting up fences to keep people out. Well as a child a fence for me was an opportunity see what was beyond the fence. Peeking through holes,cracks any opening I could find I would try to spy what was beyond the fence. Sadly as an adult I still have a fondness for trying to see what lies behind any fences I come across.

In life I think we do the same. We try look beyond the fence of each day ahead to tomorrow. At times we get so concerned about what is behind the fence we forget to live the life we have on this side of the fence. I know I am going through that right now because of my bought with cancer.  Instead of, as the Bible states letting, “tomorrow worry about itself,” I let my mind wander ahead to the future beyond the fence instead of living in the here and now on this side of the fence. Each day I have to remind myself the fence is not only there to keep things out but to keep things in, as my life should be, kept in the here and now enjoying each day to the fullest.

Doodle #108, Down By The Water

The prompt word for the day was the word, “water.” Even though I am not a beach person the first thing to pop in my mind was the ocean. I grew up taking my family summer vacations in the mountains of my home state West Virginia. I can remember going to Wildwood, New Jersey once as a child. After that I never returned ocean side until I could drive myself there.

I didn’t go to the beach for the crowds, sun or sand. In fact I didn’t usually go to the beach in the summer, I went during the off season. I liked to do what my friend and I are doing in the picture above, sit and listen to the waves and marvel at the great wonder that is the ocean. Since growing up and having a family of my own I have been to the beach many times, even though it is not my favorite place to vacation. The thing I still love about the beach today is the sound of the surf and the many marvelous finds lying in the sand. Not the people, but the tumbled stones driftwood and many photo ops for art.

I encourage anyone who has the time to go an walk along the beach, on a trail, someplace. It is very relaxing and helps take your mind off of what is going on in this thing we call life. God’s creation brings comfort.

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Doodle #93


Today’s prompt was the word, umbrella, which brought to mind an umbrella because of all the April showers. April is traditionally a wet month which waters the ground in order to help the beautiful flowers of May to grow.

In life we also have shower. Those times when life’s problems rain down on us so much we seem overwhelmed by what we are going through. Unfortunately in life we have no umbrella we can open to keep those rainy times away. We have to weather the storm until it passes on by and the sunny sky once more shines through the clouds. I make no apologies for mentioning the fact I am a believer and follower of Jesus. It is one of the reasons I started this blog.

My faith and my trust in Jesus is one reason I can sit here and type these words. In school I had many times of stormy weather, bullying they call it today, which left me with a shell of self esteem. It was not until I turned my life over to Jesus that I was able to have some semblance of a life where I could be me and not be ashamed. I do not tell you this because I am looking for sympathy but because I have been through many storms in my life and have persevered.  Even now putting my art work out there for all to see was not something I would have done a few years ago. I hope you like my drawing, “Boy With an Umbrella.”

Fast is the New Slow, Doodle #91


Today’s prompt was the word, “fast” so I created a picture of some butterfly’s. While butterfly’s  are  not the fastest things around they do flit from place to place which kind of reminded me of the people I see each day. We live in a world where time is a commodity to be used as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Everybody seems to be in a hurry even some of us artists, including me. I have loved art and have been drawing in one capacity or another since I was a child drawing blue prints.  There is one aspect of my art I still have yet to grasp. Getting the details the way I want them.

The reason, I like to get my piece done and move on to another one. There are so many things I want to paint or draw I feel I must keep going, not taking the time for details. Some of the art work I have created doing using this method have worked out well, others not so much. Case in point. I love to draw faces and flowers. Each one is unique and require a little more detailed observation. I need to learn to slow down when drawing theses subjects in order to get the detail I want. Speed will come later.

Life I feel is the same way. We need to slow down in order to insure we don’t miss any f the good stuff in life. There are so many people I talk to who say, ” I wish I would have taken time to go to my kids games” or “spent time with my wife maybe we’d still be together.” There are times in life when fast can’t be the new slow but the old slow must become the norm.