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#469 Yellow Bird

I rarely try my hand at rendering birds because I am not totally satisfied with the results. Here is my latest attempt. I created this one using Prismacolor pencils over a light pencil drawing. As an artist I look at the world around and see opportunities for art.some of them appear to difficult but I try them anyway. As a Christian I look at the world around me and see what God sees, people. Some of them appear difficult and unfriendly but when you take the time you soon find they are just like you, people in need of a new way.


#413 Home Sweet Home

While the girl in my drawing is technically not a fairy she is none the less because she is a friend. The drawing is a 9×12 done on white paper using soft pastel,color pencils, and black pen. Home they say is where you hang your hat. I think home is where you feel loved. A house is just a house unless it is filled with warmth and love. In the same light home does not have to be the place where we hang our hat or sleep. Home can at a friends or church. Growing up I felt like I was home when I visited certain friends or relatives. Someday I will be in an ultimate home with Jesus and others who have gone before me. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

#399 The Little Church

I love to draw and paint old quaint buildings like this small church. They are reminders to me of s simpler time when bigger was not always better and better meant you were always striving to be your best. It seems today many churches, in order to appeal to the masses and grow their churches have tweaked the truth. I have peace in the knowledge that yes Jesus wants our best but we are not to change a one iota of the message in order to appear better.




1001 Drawings #373, Reading With Your Sister

I think reading is fundamental. In fact it is how I’ve learned quite a bit about art among other topics. It is also immensely important to read your Bible. God gave us His word not so we can leave it on a table but because he wants us to read it, understand it by the help of the Holy Spirit and take what we learn to heart so we may emulate the word of God in our lives. So read.

1001 Drawings #328, A Country Lane

I have grown to like drawing these small city and country scenes. The county I live in has many country scenes like the one pictured here. Sadly this is not one of them. I plan on doing more of these pictures and hope to offer them up for sale sometime after the New Year. This means I will need to get out with phone or drawing pad in hand to render the pictures.

1001 Drawings #325, All Your Cats In A Row

I know, I know the saying is supposed to be, “Don’t do anything until you have all your ducks in a row,” but I am a cat person. Life is about planning for what may come but it is not about being consumed by planning. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” While is in the heart of man to plan his way God ultimately knows what is best for us and may alter those plans or change them entirely.

When I was young I had all these plans for my life, whom I would marry and what career I would have. None of my plans came to fruition. Instead God led me in a different direction even though I tried to keep veering off course. While my life now is not where I want it to be I know it is where God needed it to be in order to serve Him better. So plan your life and retirement because it is always good to be be prepared but don’t be surprised if God alters your plans.

1001 Drawings #320 Read the Book

I am a reader of books. Over the years I’ve discovered the book is many times better than the movie. In the case of the Bible it is a coworker said to me a “a book to read and treasured word for word. A book to be read every chance we get.” She also said the, “Bible needs to be consumed.” I don’t disagree with her on either statement. The Bible is a book that is only effective in changing live when it is read and studied on a consistent basis and you don’t have to be a preacher. The Bible is God’s wisdom for each and every one.