Daily Drawing #176, A Bad Hair Day

The title of the drawing for today is, “Bad Hair Day.” Poor little Rapunzel has let down her hair right on top of her wayward hero. Each of us has a bad hair day, not in the literal sense but in a figurative way. I for one have no hair. Anyway, bad days are gonna come. it is how we deal with them. When the bad times come don’t invite them to take up long term residence in your heart. Instead talk about them with others, seeks out others to pray with you, make an appointment with a Biblical counselor. Do whatever it takes, but don’t dwell on the bad times.

Daily Drawing #172, Warning! Letters Can Lead to Words

I have discovered in my lifetime that letters when put together can lead to words. Shocking right? It was to me tomorrow the way the letters are assembled is entirely up to you but be warned letters formed into the wrong words can be harmful. The Bible warns us in Proverbs 12:18, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” So the next time you’re forming your letters into words, choose wisely.

Daily Drawing #167, Cool Nights, Warm Summer Breezes

Warm is the prompt word of the day and my daily offering is simply entitled, “A Summers Eve Camping Trip.” I have only been camping several times in my life and I can say for sure it is not one of my favorite things, even for a guy from West Virginia. While I may not like camping I do like summer and cool summer breezes. So if you like camping as part of your summertime festivities then go out and camp. God gives us the gift summer for three months so enjoy it wisely and safely.

Daily Drawing #141, A Furry Friend

While I don’t think it is my forte I love drawing animals. There is something comforting about rendering a likeness of a furry friend.  My fascination with animals started as a child and was partly fueled by my first girl friend who had a red fox as a pet. They kept it in a huge pen on their property and you could actually go in the pen and interact with the fox.

Family trips to my sister’s farm in West Virginia also brought me into contact with many farm animals some of whom were a little ornery like the roosters. Those birds hold a grudge and  will fly at your head when they get mad at you. Nighttime in our neighborhood also brought out lots of raccoons like the one pictured in my drawing entitled, “Raccoon and the Yellow Flower.”

As I grew older and still to this day I have a fascination with animals and as I said they will appear in many of my drawings, especially dogs and cats.I hope you have enjoyed my artwork up until now. Until tomorrow remember we all need to have a little joy in our live, let it be drawing furry friends, or more importantly having the joy of knowing Jesus in your heart.



Daily Timeout for Art #32

While “A Man and His Dog,” is not one of my favorite creations it is still a piece of art I created during this long journey of my yearlong art challenge. This one started out as a line drawing, enhanced with blue ink and them colored digitally. I hope to one day revisit this drawing¬† and redo it maybe with colored pencil or another medium.