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1001 Drawings #368, The Ghosts of Winters Past

Each winter we utter the words, “This has got to be the coldest winter I remember.” The problem, we forget about the ghosts of winters past.  Those by gone winters when the cold chilled us to the bone. I have lived through some pretty cold winters in my 60 plus years. Still each year the cold takes me by surprise. I don’t know if it is because I am older and it bothers me more. All I know is I am counting the days until spring arrives.

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Daily Drawing #225, Cool Late Summer Thoughts

I am a big fan of polar bears. I don’t know why but I think because on a hot day they’re a reminder of coolness. Polar bears live in the Arctic, which at times can be one of the coldest most inhospitable places on earth. God created the North and South Poles as a balance for our planet. They are there not only to regulate the tilt of the world but also to provide a balance in the hydro-static ecosystem on the world. As the planet heats up the poles start to decrease which is what is happening right now. I am going to get into a discussion on global warming but of personal warming.

God gave us His Word, the Bible, in order to provide a balance to our lives. If we let our personal warming lessen our reliance on God’s Word we will start to loose some of our Christian witness. That is why it is important to get into the Bible everyday in order to stop our personal warming.

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Daily Drawing #185, See What You Really See

Yesterday I felt like creating a little cartoon today well I felt like creating another cartoon doodle. This one is entitled “Looking for the Dragon.”. To create the drawing I cut a piece of paper with a slightly jagged edge and thought what could I turn this into. Then the little picture above popped into my head. The picture is a reminder that there are times in our lives when we fail to see what is right in front of our face.

The reason, we are to preoccupied with our own interests so we fail to see the things around us. There are a lot of amazing things out there so take the time to discover them. The Bible says in,Psalm 119:37 ESV, ” Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” When we see the world as God sees the world then our hearts will spring to life with a new vision and a new purpose.


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Daily Drawing #182, Livin’ the Fantasy Life

One thing I like about being an artist is when my pencil goes to paper what was one a fantasy in my mind suddenly takes shape. Truthfully it almost never comes out as I envision the piece. Another thing I like about art is the ability to create something out of this world in the true fantasy realm like today’s drawing. “Little Fairy in the Woods.” This is not a finished piece because I am just now working out the details of turning something I can see in my mind into a real image. I have cartooned before but creating a more detailed image is harder. Well I have a half a year to go.

While on on the subject of fantasy. I hear from many about the fantasy world of Heaven. When I hear people speak that way I am saddened. Heaven is not a fantasy. It is a reality and some day when I face to face with Jesus I will be both awe struck, a little fearful but filled with joy when I hear the words, “Welcome good and faithful servant.”  So look to fantasy and whim to create your art but remember Heaven is for real and hopefully someday I will meet up with other artist and we can have a wonderful time creating and worshiping together.

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Daily Drawing #176, A Bad Hair Day

The title of the drawing for today is, “Bad Hair Day.” Poor little Rapunzel has let down her hair right on top of her wayward hero. Each of us has a bad hair day, not in the literal sense but in a figurative way. I for one have no hair. Anyway, bad days are gonna come. it is how we deal with them. When the bad times come don’t invite them to take up long term residence in your heart. Instead talk about them with others, seeks out others to pray with you, make an appointment with a Biblical counselor. Do whatever it takes, but don’t dwell on the bad times.

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Daily Drawing #172, Warning! Letters Can Lead to Words

I have discovered in my lifetime that letters when put together can lead to words. Shocking right? It was to me tomorrow the way the letters are assembled is entirely up to you but be warned letters formed into the wrong words can be harmful. The Bible warns us in Proverbs 12:18, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” So the next time you’re forming your letters into words, choose wisely.

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Daily Drawing #167, Cool Nights, Warm Summer Breezes

Warm is the prompt word of the day and my daily offering is simply entitled, “A Summers Eve Camping Trip.” I have only been camping several times in my life and I can say for sure it is not one of my favorite things, even for a guy from West Virginia. While I may not like camping I do like summer and cool summer breezes. So if you like camping as part of your summertime festivities then go out and camp. God gives us the gift summer for three months so enjoy it wisely and safely.