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Daily Drawing #248, When Love Comes Down

When the heart is heavy, love comes down. When the soul is weary, love comes down. Love comes down, love comes down. God’s love came down to us in order that we may have a way to go to Him some day.


Daily Drawing #220, Kicking Back With A Cup Of Joe

I don’t know about you but I love my coffee. Kicking back in the morning with a good cup of coffee is one of my favorite things of the day. A cup of java seems to clear the fog from my mind and give me a little boost to get my body moving. I know it’s probably the caffeine but to me that is just an added bonus. Some I know don’t like the taste of coffee just like there are those who don’t like the taste of the Gospel. Still the Gospel of God like a cup of coffee takes the fog out of your life and gets your body moving in the right direction.