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The Perils of an Introverted Artist – Part 2

I told you I would be writing a part 2 so here it goes. In part one I covered why it is hard being an introverted artist. Mostly it had to deal with art marketing. It is hard to put yourself out there when you feel not up to the task. Well here are a couple of ideas I use to give my art exposure from behind the scenes.

1. Start a Facebook or Instagram page on which you can offer your art for family and friends to view.

2. Start a Blog. I use WordPress but there are many others out there for you to choose from. The good thing with my blog is that when I post on here it automatically goes to Facebook, Twitter and other places.

3. Join a local art group. Many local art groups have non-juried art shows where amateur artists can show their work.

4. Look for local shops that cater to showing and selling art by local talent. A word of warning you still may have to talk to the shop owner and offer up your work.

These are a few of the things I do to alleviate the effects of my introverted tendencies when it comes to putting my artwork out there. There are others. Look for my next article in this series.


5 Ways I Find Ideas of What to Draw

Someone in one of my comments recently asked me this question, “How do you choose what you want or draw?” Off the top of my head here are fives ways I seek out art inspiration.

1. I look. What I mean by this is I’m ever vigilant for the things around me which fit into what I like to draw or paint. The world around us is full of ideas if only you train yourself to see them.

2. I use free picture sites and apps. There are several apps like Unsplash and Pexe which offer royalty free to use photos. Some of these I use outright. Others I use but change the picture.

3. Old Art. There are several websites which offer up old images as inspiration for art. Two of these websites are 99Designs.com and Vintage.com.

4. Pinterest. While a lot of the art on Pinterest is copyrighted you can still use it for inspiration or for practice.

5. I redo old art. I am constantly drawing. Many of these drawing accumulate and end up sitting in a bin or file at my art table. Every so often I will get out these pictures and rework them or colorize them.

3 Reasons Why Art is My Therapy

In my 60 plus years on this earth I have discovered one truth, well besides the fact God is alive and well, life is a rollercoaster. One day your climbing the hill and every thing looks good from the top but once you reach the pinnacle and the car your riding in clicks and heads down the steep hill things can change quickly. It is on these days I lean on God but I also get out my drawing pad and some for on pairing medium and commence to creating. While I don’t consider my art to be anything special there are three reasons art is my therapy.

1. Creating is calming. Sitting down at a table in your hand and a drawing pad or picture to color is calming. There is something about sitting there that make you feel peaceful. Maybe it is because of my second reason.

2. Art is time filling. When you art tome seems to fly by. Some call this the left brain/right brain switch. I call it the joy of creating. From the moment you .ay down the first line of a drawing to the moment you see the finished painting it is time well spent. Which leads to the third reason I like art as a therapy.

3. The finished drawing brings joy to the heart. When you look down at what you have created it brings such a peace and joy to your heart that at times I wonder if this what God thought when He created everything then stood back and said “This is good.” Art is a process and while the start of any pieces of art is exciting to me, the end is where I get the most satisfaction.

These are the three reasons art is good therapy for me and could be for you. I am not an art therapist but if you want to email me I would be glad to talk to you about how you can get started.

#396 A Little Wine

The doctor’s say a little wine is good for you but too much can be very harmful to your body. Life in the same. If we listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides us we will be ok because He will not let us delve to deeply into those things which will ham the body and the spirit. If we however delve into deeply, ignoring the Holy Spirit’s prompts them we fall into sin and lose our way.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11. But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.

#392 One Big Chocolate Egg

Yes I know it is not Easter yet but I felt like I needed to draw this picture. This little girl loves her chocolate. In fact she is wearing some on her face. This is a pen drawing highlighted in color pencil. The little girl like many of us is over indulging in the good stuff. The problem is if you eat too much chocolate it will give you a stomach ache. Life in general is like the chocolate that is why God warns us not be gluttons or over indulge ourselves because in the end we will find ourselves sick.

1001 Drawings #376, Re-Creation of Flowers

Check out my Etsy store, Whitty Arts for some of my featured creations.

I am always reworking pieces of art I have done into new pieces of art. I call this art, re-creations.The one above was originally a digital creation. I looked at it the other day and thought what would it look like in ink and colored pencil. I hope you like the look. Oh by the way God does the same for us when we give our lives to him. He takes one of His pieces of art, an original creation in every way, and re-creates us in His image. A new creation. A new piece of art.

1001 Drawings #373, Reading With Your Sister

I think reading is fundamental. In fact it is how I’ve learned quite a bit about art among other topics. It is also immensely important to read your Bible. God gave us His word not so we can leave it on a table but because he wants us to read it, understand it by the help of the Holy Spirit and take what we learn to heart so we may emulate the word of God in our lives. So read.