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#583 of 1001, Watching the Sunrise

Today’s offering is a 8×10 soft pastel painting on orange card stock. The painting was created using layers of soft pastel each layer sealed with workable fixative.


#578 and 579, Two In Oil Pastel

I like to you a number of different mediums. One of my favorites is old pastel. I have not used them a lot so all of my current renderings are experiments. These are the latest two, “Girls on the Beach, ” and “Red Flower.” The paintings are both done on 6×9 card stock.

#575 and #576 of 1001, The Furst Gnome Fishing and Walking Around

It has been a while since I posted a Furst Gnome drawing. Well here are two. The first drawing is of the Furst Gnome fishing done in soft pastel. The second is just a pencil drawing with the yellow soft pastel highlights. Both drawings are 6×9 drawings on white card stock.