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#413 Home Sweet Home

While the girl in my drawing is technically not a fairy she is none the less because she is a friend. The drawing is a 9×12 done on white paper using soft pastel,color pencils, and black pen. Home they say is where you hang your hat. I think home is where you feel loved. A house is just a house unless it is filled with warmth and love. In the same light home does not have to be the place where we hang our hat or sleep. Home can at a friends or church. Growing up I felt like I was home when I visited certain friends or relatives. Someday I will be in an ultimate home with Jesus and others who have gone before me. Oh what a glorious day that will be.


#397 By the Light Of The Moon

As a young man I used to like to play a game called capture the flag. Most of the time we played the game at night so the darkness would provide cover for our covert operations as we tried to get to the opponents flag. On some nights however, the moon would shine to brightly to provide us any cover. That is the thing about the light it doesn’t allow you to hide anything. Jesus said in, John 12:46 “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” We must always remember God is our moonlight showing us our way through the darkness of this world.

#385 Adopt A Friend

The animal shelters are full of animals waiting to be adopted. Many of these animals are pets no longer wanted or animals from homes where they were not cared for properly. Having a pet is both a commitment and a relationship. As we all know a relationship takes work. So before you commit to a pet think about what you’re getting into before you bring the animal home. That cute little puppy or kitten will one day be a full grown dog or cat requiring a lot of your time.

1001 Drawings #350, What About The Naughty List?

As children Christmas time meant went being on our best behavior because we did not want to be on Santa’s Naughty List. Having your name on the naughty list meant not getting any gifts from Santa. So the closer you got to Christmas the more you wanted to be on your best behavior. The key was however no matter what you ended up being forgiven on Christmas and there was always presents under the tree. Get the parallel. God sent His Son because we were separated from because of our sin. I guess you could say we were on God’s naughty list and there was no way being on our best behavior was going to get us off…well there is one way. If we put our faith and heart in God’s hands and what He did for us we would be able to get the most desirable gift of all…a way into Heaven.

1001 Drawings #326, Going On A Walkabout

I am not entirely sure what a walkabout is but I know it has do to with a spiritual journey. As followers of Jesus we are all a life long walk about. Each day of the journey we need to seek to come closer to God through our service and desire to help others with whom we come in contact. As this holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and marches on to Christmas and New Years let us seek to serve more, love others unconditionally and pass on the joy which is set before us on our walkabout.


1001 Drawings #325, All Your Cats In A Row

I know, I know the saying is supposed to be, “Don’t do anything until you have all your ducks in a row,” but I am a cat person. Life is about planning for what may come but it is not about being consumed by planning. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” While is in the heart of man to plan his way God ultimately knows what is best for us and may alter those plans or change them entirely.

When I was young I had all these plans for my life, whom I would marry and what career I would have. None of my plans came to fruition. Instead God led me in a different direction even though I tried to keep veering off course. While my life now is not where I want it to be I know it is where God needed it to be in order to serve Him better. So plan your life and retirement because it is always good to be be prepared but don’t be surprised if God alters your plans.

1001 Drawings #314, My Life As A Cat

There are days I envy cats. They don’t have to toil their days away at jobs they may or may not like. They get to sleep as much as they want during the day not having to tap an alarm clock at 5:30 AM. They get waited on hand and foot by owners who don’t realize they are being scammed into thinking they are in charge not the cat. Our little feline companions sure do have to seem it all. While a cats and dogs life for that matter seem to be good there is one important thing they don’t have…the ability to use our time at work or at home serving God. So the next time you start to envy your pets, remember you are serving God right where and when you are.