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#602 of 1001, Girl Contemplating

Lately I’ve taken to creating pen drawings on whit copy paper and then highlighting them in color pencil. I like the way the colors pop off of the paper when included with the black ink.


#598 of 1001, Little Girl Picking Flowers

I’ve returned to one of my favorite things to do, create art on old book pages. This one is a soft pastels painting of a little girl picking flowers.

3 Reasons I Like to Draw

I like drawing even more than I like to paint. Here are three quick reasons why.

1. Drawing allows me to see. Most of the time when I walk through the world around i don’t take the time to see what is there. Drawing allows me to take the time to see the details of what is there. To put down on paper my take on the

2. I love the simplicity of a line drawing. Line drawing allows you to create a representation of what you’re drawing without all the worry of trying to match the colors. A line drawing pops from the page as black (or whatever the color ink) is juxtaposed against the background color.

3. Drawing is surrendering. What I mean is that drawing takes away the stresses of the day and gives you time to surrender to the creative voice inside. We all have a creative voice given to us by God. It is only when we listen to that voice in a creative way, drawing, music, dance, whatever do we feel the worries of the world melt away. Oh by the way

I believe serving, teaching and other aspects of the Christian life are also part of the creative voice inside. They take time and effort and the direction of the Holy Spirit to perform.

#587 and 588 of 1001 Walking in Fields of Flowers

The two small paintings depict girls in fields of flowers. The one on the left is done in oil pastels . It depicts a girl in a field with a storm cloud overhead. If I had to do it again, and I may I would soften the storm cloud to grey. The one on the right is done in soft pastels. For the most part I am fine with the way it turned out. Both drawings are done on 6×9 card stock.