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#443 Three Red Flowers

I submit this as the third attempt at painting the Bree bottles with red tulips. The first two can be found at tbwhittart@wordpesss.com. The above painting was done on 6 x 9 drawing pad using soft pastels and color pencils.

I was reminded of something at small group on Friday. I have always looked at my artistic talent as lacking in some ways. The problem I discovered is that I compare my art to other artists who have been given different talents by God. I need to view myself in the light of the three people in the Parable of the Three Talents. God gives each of us different abilities and we are to use what we are given, talent wise, to the best of our abilities and not pine away or be saddened we may not be as good as someone else.


#434 Red Tulips

I actually created this picture twice. Once with a yellow background and this one. I like the end result of both. Maybe I have said this before but I love to paint flowers because of the bright colors and the variety. So you will probably see a few more flowers as part of my drawing challenge. I also like flowers because it reminds me that God is a God of colors. Sure he gave us the ability to see balk and white but the beauty in this world is derived from seeing the colors. Do not take this for granted because sadly there are those who cannot see the colors nor see at all. It is up to us as God’s called to interpret the colors for others by being there to provide in any little way possible.

#429 Watching the Sunset

The painting started out as a soft pastel painting on 6×9 paper painting #1. I then used a photo editing app to create painting #2. I like the end result of both paintings. Life is like these paintings. Any times we set out to create one thing in life and it goes well. Then God, like the photo editing app puts our life through a different filter and we have a much better image (life) than the first one we chose to paint for ourselves.

#426 Flower In the Moonlight

There are three things in life I truly love God, my family and friends and art. There is something about taking a blank piece of paper or a canvas and adding lines and co,or. In the end you have a created drawing which may or may not have turned out the way you wanted but you are still thrilled by your creation. The age old debate is whether we were created by God or not. I believe we were and in Genesis, before the fall, the Bible tells us that He loved His creation. Even after the creation was marred by sin He set into motion the plan to bring us back to Him. Skeptical? Then examine the evidence for yourself. The drawing today is done on a 7 1/2 by 11 1/2 old book page using soft pastels.

#424 Red Flower In Vase

Life is like a flower. When you’re born you a bud waiting to bloom. As you grow and live to full bloom you are a beautiful flower showing off your true colors. In the winter of life you will go back to the ground leave no behind the small blooms (your children or those people you’ve touched throughout your life) to carry on. This is another in a series of large and small abstract flower pictures I am fond of doing. The drawing is done on 9×12 white paper using soft pastels.

#422 Flower In A Bowl

I like abstract art because the object is to create without restrictions. This one is done in soft pastel on 9×12 maroon paper. Life I think is abstract because we try to live like there are no restrictions. The problem is like the painting there are no clear definitions of how we should be living. That is why I am so thankful we have God’s Word because I can open the Bible and find a clear definition for living my life.