Daily Drawing #196, Count It All As Joy

If your life is like mine there are periods of time when life feels anything but joyful. Still God calls us in James 1:2 to, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.” This means no matter what happens in life we are to call it joyful. Really? God says, yes. If you have an illness don’t dwell on it but look to God to give you comfort and peace throughout the trial. My joy and your joy comes from knowing God is always there for us and as 2 Corinthians 1:4 insures us God is the one, “who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” Our joy in life comes from helping others who are going get through the same storms we are weathering. It is hard to look for joy in times of trouble or sorrow but it can be found when your heart is in the right place.


Daily Drawing #161, Tending the Garden is Hard Work

The prompt for today was the word,”garden.” The title of my little drawing is,”Flower By The Pond.” I have had to cut grass for as long as I can remember. In my current home I figured I would cut down on the grass mowing by adding flower beds. Well, to my dismay I discovered flower beds and gardens are tougher to take care of then mowing the grass.

You have to weed them, thin out the flower herds, and mulch them. Then you have to keep on weeding the gardens throughout the year. I know what you’re going to say, “Buy some of that some kind of weed be gone product or some of mesh fabric to cut back on the weeds.” Well I have and they only work for a limited time and then the weed come back. I am planning to cut back on my gardens this year and go back to more grass. I’d rather cut grass than weed.

Life is like a garden. If we are not careful the weeds will over take us and choke out the beautiful flowers which would otherwise grow. So tend you garden and live a life of beauty.

Daily Drawing #149, A Soothing Moment Each Day

My art may not be noteworthy. My art may not hang in a gallery or in your home. While those things would be nice not being is okay with me.  You see I don’t create art I use are as my soothing moment each day to unwind from the chaotic world which surrounds daily life. We all need something soothing to occupy our down time. Some time where the cares of this life are let out of our minds. On this Memorial Day take the time to do something soothing and remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. God bless. See you on the morrow for the next drawing. By the way the drawing is entitled, “Plain White Daisy.”

Daily Drawing #138, The Circles In Your Life

One of my favorite movies is Disney’s The Lion King. One of my favorite songs in the movie is the, “Circle of Life.” The songs deals with the cycle of life, death and then new life again. While I think our linage is renewed and lives on in our children I don’t believe life happens in a circle. We are born, live our lives and then we die. However in life I do believe there are many circles.

Growing up we have our circle of family. the first few years of life we are dependent on our parents and loved one to care for us. They feed us, nurture us, protect us and so much more. As we age we move on to a new circle..friends. Added to the circle of family is our school age friends some of who we spend years with. Friends bring a whole new circle of influence in our lives.. They help to develop our views of the world outside of  what is taught to us by our family. Friends also can lead us to our next circle…work.

Once we are done with school, however many years that takes, we move on to the circle of work. Many times in work we develop a whole new circle outside of family and friends. We have our work friends and our out of work friends who may never meet. Both groups still assert many of their attributes and traits on how we think. Added to all the circles already mentioned are any other circles you may be involved in such as church, a shared hobby etc.

What is important anytime we enter a new circle is not to let the circle influence us in. negative way. We must always be the light which shines out of the circle to the others. So take the time to think about all your circles and determine are they shaping you or you being a light to them.

Daily Art #136, Stumped

The prompt I chose for today was the word, “wooden.” I had this picture of a stump for a while so I decided to use it for today’s drawing entitled, “Stumped.”  I have a lot of trees near my house. In fact at one point I had two of them by house removed some time ago. When the tree service took the trees down they gave me an estimate for taking out the stumps. I was amazed to find removing the stumps would cost as much or more than taking down the trees.  I asked, “Why?” The guy went on to explain that the base of the tree carries into the ground so they must bring in a stump grinder to get rid of the stump.

I am reminded that how deeply we are rooted into something is a good indication of how well we will stick with the task at hand. Of course this applies to faith in Jesus Christ. The deeper our faith the more we will stand like a tall tree when the storms come. However I think the simile of the tree stump applies to anything in life. How deeply rooted we are in loosing weight, trying to stop smoking, being a good employee at work and any number of things is how strong we will stand. The shallower our roots (belief in what we’re doing) the sooner we will fall when the strong winds come. So remember to make sure your stump will be hard to get out of the soil anytime you commit to something.

Daily Art  #134, A Bouquet for Mother’s Day

I have decided on this day honoring mothers to up my game in this doodle challenge and switch back to my original concept of doing a daily art challenge. While some of pieces of art will not be totally finished pieces and some may be no more than doodles. I feel they are representations of art done in my weird and unique style. My mom would have wanted me to do my best and while I love to doodle I strive to be an artist. So in honor of mom I am going to do my best. Please read my message to mothers below the picture.

Today is Mother’s Day.  In honor of my mother and my mother in law who both passed on a few years ago I would like to give a shout out to all the mothers reading this. I hope you enjoy your day. My drawing today is entitled, “A Bouquet for All Mothers.”

My mother while she was alive was the world to a little boy and a grown man. As a young lad my mother and father separated. My mother took the reins of the household and supported me until I met my wife and moved out. We didn’t have much but what she did give me I knew was out of love. So all you mothers out there who are giving it their all…here’s to you…here’s to you.

Doodle 117, Green Weeds, White Flowers

The drawing prompt for today is the word “green.” I chose to draw a piece entitled, “Green Fields, White Weeds.” The piece is an abstract watercolor with some colored pencil highlights. Behind the house I grew up in there was a big field. In the summertime the field had weeds which grew real tall. Among the weeds were tall white flowers. This is inspiration for my drawing.

The field was alive with all manner of creatures hiding in the weeds some of which were field rats. I remember several times where one of my cats was squared off against one of those rats almost as big as the cat. Even with all the creatures my friends and I knew were lurking among the weeds we were not afraid to cut across the field to get where we wanted to go. Maybe it was a little naivete of us but we didn’t care.

In our adult lives often times there are fields of weeds we must cross in order to get where we need to go. We cannot cross those fields blindly. We must proceed with caution ever vigilant of what is lurking among the weed. The Bible says in Proverbs 14:16, “The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence.” Good advice to remember at all times.