Daily Drawing #174, Examine Your Nature

The title my drawing, “Examine Your Nature,” has a dual meaning. The first part is my call for everyone reading this is to take the time to get out and take a walk. God created a beautiful world around us that we need to take the time to see. I love nature (today’s prompt) well except when I have to mow and weed nature. Still landscapes and flowers are two of my favorite things to sketch and paint. After all as Dante Alghieri states, “Nature is the art of God.”

The second meaning is about examining your own nature. The Bible tells us in that we need to always examine ourselves because, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32.  It is only when we step aside and look at what is truly inside, our internal nature can we see the areas that we need to ask God to help us clean up and make right.

Daily Drawing #165, 1,2 Many Broken Hearts

Life is full of broken things especially broken hearts over the loves we lost, the people gone all to soon, life’s regrets and so much more. The key however is to find a way to mend the broken heart. It is not easy but the best solution can be found Corinthians

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Love is the key. Seeking the love and comfort of God first and foremost and then seeking the love and support of friends and family. Broken hearts will come but the sooner we learn to deal with the them the sooner it will lessen the pain. I have learned the pain may not completely go away but the comfort of God and other sure help make it more bearable. The title of my drawing, “1,2 Many Broken Hearts.”

Daily Drawing #144, Silly As You Should Be

The prompt for today was to draw a silly face. Here is my offering, “Silly Girl.” I am one of those guys who has a hard time not taking myself seriously. I don’t know why. I like to joke around with other people and I like quirky people, places and things. Still when it comes to creating art which is a little quirky or different I revert to trying to create traditional drawings. I want to let go and be myself when I create art. I am trying to branch out. The silly face drawing is one example.

I feel in life as in art we can’t always be serious. As children we do things which are off the wall, spontaneous and free from thinking. When we turn into adults we are taught to grow up. Well growing up is a good thing. In fact the Bible tells us to put away “childish things” when we age. The Bible is talking about being adult like in our dealings with with things like money. parenting etc.  Still in other areas we need some time to do things which bring a smile. Some of these things can be of like a “childish nature” like creating art.  Someone use to tell me when you think old you’re going to feel old. I think it was good advice to live life.

Daily Drawing #138, The Circles In Your Life

One of my favorite movies is Disney’s The Lion King. One of my favorite songs in the movie is the, “Circle of Life.” The songs deals with the cycle of life, death and then new life again. While I think our linage is renewed and lives on in our children I don’t believe life happens in a circle. We are born, live our lives and then we die. However in life I do believe there are many circles.

Growing up we have our circle of family. the first few years of life we are dependent on our parents and loved one to care for us. They feed us, nurture us, protect us and so much more. As we age we move on to a new circle..friends. Added to the circle of family is our school age friends some of who we spend years with. Friends bring a whole new circle of influence in our lives.. They help to develop our views of the world outside of  what is taught to us by our family. Friends also can lead us to our next circle…work.

Once we are done with school, however many years that takes, we move on to the circle of work. Many times in work we develop a whole new circle outside of family and friends. We have our work friends and our out of work friends who may never meet. Both groups still assert many of their attributes and traits on how we think. Added to all the circles already mentioned are any other circles you may be involved in such as church, a shared hobby etc.

What is important anytime we enter a new circle is not to let the circle influence us in. negative way. We must always be the light which shines out of the circle to the others. So take the time to think about all your circles and determine are they shaping you or you being a light to them.

Daily Art  #134, A Bouquet for Mother’s Day

I have decided on this day honoring mothers to up my game in this doodle challenge and switch back to my original concept of doing a daily art challenge. While some of pieces of art will not be totally finished pieces and some may be no more than doodles. I feel they are representations of art done in my weird and unique style. My mom would have wanted me to do my best and while I love to doodle I strive to be an artist. So in honor of mom I am going to do my best. Please read my message to mothers below the picture.

Today is Mother’s Day.  In honor of my mother and my mother in law who both passed on a few years ago I would like to give a shout out to all the mothers reading this. I hope you enjoy your day. My drawing today is entitled, “A Bouquet for All Mothers.”

My mother while she was alive was the world to a little boy and a grown man. As a young lad my mother and father separated. My mother took the reins of the household and supported me until I met my wife and moved out. We didn’t have much but what she did give me I knew was out of love. So all you mothers out there who are giving it their all…here’s to you…here’s to you.

Doodle #133, Life is All About Chain-ges 


Growing up one of my favorite movies was “A Christmas Carol.” While I realize it is not the Christmas season today’s prompt of the word “chain” reminded me of the movie so I created the unfinished drawing, “A Man Chained to Change.” In the movie, for those who don’t know, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley who comes rattling  his chains. He warns Scrooge that if he doesn’t change he will be burdened in the afterlife by dragging around chains. In the end after being visited by 3 ghosts Scrooge sees the error of his ways and changes his attitude.

I left the picture unfinished for a reason. In life we often are chained to the life we are living until someone or something shows us the error or our ways. Scrooge had his supernatural visit so can we. If we see the error of our ways like Scrooge and ask for forgiveness sincerely in our hearts, we can know the freedom and love he also received. The key to breaking the fear of chain-ge for us comes in starting and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is through him that we can find true freedom and be released from the chains of what is holding us back.

Doodle #132, A Cup of Warmth to Start the Day

I am a coffee drinker. Give me a cup of joe with some cream and stevia and I am a happy man. However I have partaken in a macchiato or capuccino now and then like the one in my drawing, “A Cup of Warmth.” For us coffee drinkers a daily cup is not only a caffeine fix but a cup of warmth to start the day.

While coffee may be my warmth each day I also try to make myself a little bit of warmth to others. I work in an inner city school. Each day I come in contact with students, many of whom have lives you wouldn’t believe if I could tell you. Some of the students respond to the warmth others not so much.

I however, choose not let myself take anything personally they may say. It is not because I am anyone special or am immune to biting words. I have just chosen to be a cup of comfort to each person I meet. In school I was bullied because of who I was and how I looked and dressed. I said myself then and there I was not going live my life being someone who differently because of who they are are. When I game my life to Christ it only enhanced my unconditional love for others. So be a cup of comfort to others,