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An Accidental Artist

I have very limited art training. The sum total of my formal training being a few classes at the local community college. I am what I call an accidental artist. I stumbled into it because I wanted to be a cartoonist like Charles Schulz. I started drawing my own cartoons based on a cat I used to have.

I then moved on to silly cartoons panels. I even got to the point where I would send my cartoons out, yes send them out, to the big agencies. Most just sent back the standard, “Don’t call us we’ll call you,” letter.

A little while later I took a class on pastels. I loved and still love the ease of use of soft pastels. Now oil pastels are a little more difficult to use but I love the brilliance of the colors. Today I have branched out to all mediums.

What is the point of this whole ramble? Just this, do not devalue you artistic ability just because you’re what I call an accidental artist. Someone who just for the shear joy…creates. An artist is an artist.


#463 Abstract White Flower

The third in my series of acrylic abstract flowers on an 8×10 flat panel canvas. This one is probably my favorite so far. I love the way the white flowers pops on the grey and orange background. The flower reminds me of something Jesus once said and I paraphrase, You don’t put a light under a basket where the light is hidden, no you put it out on a table for everyone to see. In the same manner do not hide your faith, put it out there for everyone to see as their guiding light.

The Perils of an Introverted Artist – Part 2

I told you I would be writing a part 2 so here it goes. In part one I covered why it is hard being an introverted artist. Mostly it had to deal with art marketing. It is hard to put yourself out there when you feel not up to the task. Well here are a couple of ideas I use to give my art exposure from behind the scenes.

1. Start a Facebook or Instagram page on which you can offer your art for family and friends to view.

2. Start a Blog. I use WordPress but there are many others out there for you to choose from. The good thing with my blog is that when I post on here it automatically goes to Facebook, Twitter and other places.

3. Join a local art group. Many local art groups have non-juried art shows where amateur artists can show their work.

4. Look for local shops that cater to showing and selling art by local talent. A word of warning you still may have to talk to the shop owner and offer up your work.

These are a few of the things I do to alleviate the effects of my introverted tendencies when it comes to putting my artwork out there. There are others. Look for my next article in this series.

#450 The Daisies

This 6 x 9 closeup view of some daisies is done in soft pastel with some highlights of color pencil. I often think this is how God sees us not from far away but up. Lose and personal like these flowers. This makes me realize more how I have to self examine my daily walk so I am a good reflection of God to others.

The View From the End of a Pencil

An artist has a peculiar view of the world because we see everything from the end of a pencil or brush. Our world is one made up of angles, relationships and color combinations. An artist’s world can be realistic or abstract depending on what mood we are in when creating a piece of art. So why do we love the view from the end of the pencil? Here are three reasons, for me at least.

1. The view from the end of the pencil is one of curiosity. Can I as an artist create a likeness simply by placing down a few lines or a few brushstrokes? I for one love to see a work in progress seeking to satisfy my curiosity. Is the drawing being created turning out the way I want? I need my curiosity sated so I move on.

2. The view from the end of a pencil is a challenge. As an artist I study a picture in order to seek and learn as much about it’s structure as possible. Then the challenge begins. I add more and more lines. Time passes. I don’t realize how much, but I press on. Soon in front of me is a likeness. I glance from picture to drawing to see if the challenge was well met.

3. The view from the end of the pencil is comforting. As I have written before, art is a mind quieting and soul fulfilling process. When you are drawing the world around you seems to melt away. Also as you place each stroke on the paper it leads to moments of learning and growth as your skills continue to grow. Opening your mind to art also helps you to see the deeper aspects of other subjects because your view from the end of the pencil is one of study.

So in the end my friends art on, art on because life is so much more when you view it from the end of a pencil.

#435 A Still Life in Brown

I created this drawing using some soft pastels and a pen. The drawing is done on a 6×9 white drawing pad. There are times in life when being playful is allowed even for us who call ourselves a flower of Jesus. I can’t picture Jesus always being serious with the 12 disciples. There had to be times when they kicked back and fun in order to relieve the tension. At least I think they would.

#433 Little Red Flowers

I have been creating a series of 5×7 paintings of which Little Red Flowers is the latest. The painting is done in color pencil and soft pastels on card stock. I started doing these paintings because I think creating small art pieces is technically more challenging than creating a larger piece of art. Creating small paintings also get you from start to finish in less time so it helps me to learn new techniques faster. We called by God not to be the greasiest but to be attentive to the small things because it is in the small things where we grow and flourish as a followers of Jesus.