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1001 Drawings #376, Re-Creation of Flowers

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I am always reworking pieces of art I have done into new pieces of art. I call this art, re-creations.The one above was originally a digital creation. I looked at it the other day and thought what would it look like in ink and colored pencil. I hope you like the look. Oh by the way God does the same for us when we give our lives to him. He takes one of His pieces of art, an original creation in every way, and re-creates us in His image. A new creation. A new piece of art.

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1001 Drawings #373, Reading With Your Sister

I think reading is fundamental. In fact it is how I’ve learned quite a bit about art among other topics. It is also immensely important to read your Bible. God gave us His word not so we can leave it on a table but because he wants us to read it, understand it by the help of the Holy Spirit and take what we learn to heart so we may emulate the word of God in our lives. So read.

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1001 Drawings #368, The Ghosts of Winters Past

Each winter we utter the words, “This has got to be the coldest winter I remember.” The problem, we forget about the ghosts of winters past.  Those by gone winters when the cold chilled us to the bone. I have lived through some pretty cold winters in my 60 plus years. Still each year the cold takes me by surprise. I don’t know if it is because I am older and it bothers me more. All I know is I am counting the days until spring arrives.

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1001 Drawings #365, Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello

It is the end of another year, it is also the end of my 365 Drawing Challenge. It is also the dawn of a New Year and the continuation of my 1001 Drawing Challenge. I decide to turn my 365 Drawings Challenge into a 1001 Drawings Challenge because I have developed a love for drawing illustrations and want to continue to develop my talents as an artist and an illustrator. I call on everyone reading this to challenge yourself to try something new in the coming New Year and stick to it for a whole year. So until my next post stay safe and have a Happy New Year.

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1001 Drawings #364, Take the Time to Read

While on Christmas break from my job I have found myself doing something I haven’t done in a long time-reading. I have made my way through two books of fiction and several non fiction art books. One of my goals for next year is to spend more time reading books on drawing illustrations. The reason, many of my friends tell me they like a lot of my more simplistic illustrations. Let me know what you think.

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1001 Drawings #362, Waiting For the Lightbulb Moment

It is that time of year again when many of us are waiting for that light bulb moment. The moment when we go, “Ah Ha!” because we know what our New Years Resolution or Resolutions we are going to commit. My New Years Resolution is about to come to a close. Three more days and my year of doing a drawing a day will come to a close. In lieu of that I have committed to create 636 more drawing in the coming years. While the drawing will not be daily drawings, I hope when they are posted they will more complete drawings. I look forward to creating art work I can sell and also use to create a daily post.

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1001 Drawing #361, A Time to Return, A Time to Relax

It is hard to believe another Christmas season has come an gone. Now we turn our attention to the coming New year. Now is a time to rest and reflect on all the things God has done for us the year before. Sure there may have been some sad times, some times we’d love to forget all about but there has also been many good times. The time which bring great joy to the heart and a smile to our faces. Still it is always wise to remember that in good or bad times God is always there right alongside you helping guide you through the tough times and rejoicing with you in the good times.