1001 Drawings #321, What’s In A Look

In the high school I work at I come in contact with a variety of people. Some of them have developed their own styles or looks. the sad commentary on our society is that we judge many of those we come in contact with by what we see. I have learned from early on in life not to make a decision about anyone by how they may choose to dress or look. I always seek to know a person’s heart where the truth of a who a person is lies. So my advice is to try and do the same. Seek to get to know someone whom you might have otherwise not have any interest to know.


1001 Drawings #317, My Old Street

I have discovered the older I get the more life is not about accumulating stuff but is more about family. Each day that goes by we need to grab hold of those we love and cherish and celebrate life together. So as the holidays rapidly approach spend time with those who matter.

Daily Drawing #287, Take Some Time to Relax

Life is hard. If you’re like me each day is filled with a lot of stress and very little time for rest. That is why it is important to not only carve out a block of time to do a daily Bible study and prayer but also to take some time to just rest your body. If you do not rest it affects not only your body but also dulls your mind. Today’s drawing is dedicated to taking some time to rest.

Daily Drawing #286, Live Life A Little Abstractly

As an artist I struggle with what I would call true abstract art. Sure I’ve created pieces of art which border on the abstract but I find most of my pieces are slightly altered real life drawings or cartoons. I hope to keep broadening my horizons and branch out into more abstract pieces. Life is kind of like an art piece you can either live it like a real life drawing or have some fun living life a little more abstractly. Think about it.

Daily Drawing #222, The Dog Days of Summer

What are the dog days of summer? The answer comes from Dictionary.Com, “the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun: now often reckoned from July 3 to August 11. a period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence.” The reason for the lethargy and inactivity is the heat. When it is hot it is hard to be moving around. I was in Las Vegas this year and the temp out there when I went averaged out to 115 degrees. I know it is a dry heat but to me it was still hot. My wife and I managed to push through the heat and have a great time. In life there are going to be times when the heat is turned up. The key to getting through these times and not become inactive or lethargic is to pray and seek God’s strength to help you remain sure footed. The dog days will always come but they don’t have to last.


Daily Drawing #201, Folk Art is Very Cat-chy

Today’s drawing was done with one thing in mind, “Folk Art.” I live in the Lancaster, PA area which as an artist makes me very interested in the genre known as folk art. I used to think folk art was restricted to those interesting landscapes done without any thought to perspective. Recently however I have found folk art has many forms and subject matter. The title of today’s drawing is “Folk Art Cats #1.” It was done in colored pencils instead of acrylic paints. By the title you can gather there will be more folk art cat pictures coming. Cats have become one of my favorite subject matters.