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1001 Drawings #378, Let The Heart Be Ever A Present

I have always tried to treat others in the way I wanted to be treated. I decided to live my life this way back in high school where others in my class of 76 at Bensalem High School and my neighborhood treated me differently because I did not fit into their mold. I decided then and there to let my heart ever be a present to other. Put another way, I wanted to show others love no matter what. I would hold not biases, no restrictions. I hope each of us who call ourselves Christians would do the same.

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1001 Drawings #377, By the Light of the Yellow Moon

I love the backdrop of old pages for my illustrations. I think think there is something to be said for using re-purposed materials instead of throwing them in the trash. I guess the reason why is because as I am get older I see that nothing anymore appears to be built to last, including relationships and institutions like marriage. I am glad that God does not look at our relationship with us as temporary. No once we enter into a true heartfelt relationship with Him it permanent.

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1001 Drawings #373, Reading With Your Sister

I think reading is fundamental. In fact it is how I’ve learned quite a bit about art among other topics. It is also immensely important to read your Bible. God gave us His word not so we can leave it on a table but because he wants us to read it, understand it by the help of the Holy Spirit and take what we learn to heart so we may emulate the word of God in our lives. So read.

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1001 Drawings #371, Out for a Stroll

I don’t know about you but I love to go out for a walk. The problem is it is to cold right now to get out and walk around my neighborhood. My wife and I however get our walking in at a local mall which is almost devoid of stores so it makes for a peaceful stroll. We are all called by God to talk a walk, a walk around the neighborhoods we live in and as we go we are to pass God’s love on those in whom we come in contact. Think about it.

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1001 Drawings #362, Waiting For the Lightbulb Moment

It is that time of year again when many of us are waiting for that light bulb moment. The moment when we go, “Ah Ha!” because we know what our New Years Resolution or Resolutions we are going to commit. My New Years Resolution is about to come to a close. Three more days and my year of doing a drawing a day will come to a close. In lieu of that I have committed to create 636 more drawing in the coming years. While the drawing will not be daily drawings, I hope when they are posted they will more complete drawings. I look forward to creating art work I can sell and also use to create a daily post.