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#442 Girl in A Yellow Dress

Every so often I am drawn to create a piece of what I call fashion doodle art. I pick a pose, then choose dress color and style then create the drawing. Today’s drawing is the end result this time. To create this one I used Prisma Color Pencils on a 9×11 old book page.


#437 Sitting On the Dock By the Bay

There are some pictures an artist does as is but there are others they completely change. This picture started out as two people sitting watching the ocean. All you see is there feet. I switched it up and made it into two people watching a sunset. The painting is done in soft pastel and colored pencil on a 6×9 drawing pad.

#436 Little Green Church

One day my son sent me a picture of some churches someone had painted on some wood. I have not done much in the way of using wood as a canvas so I decide to some on 6×9 white drawing paper. This is the second one I have done in soft pastel and colored pencil. I like these small churches because most of the ones i would see in visits in my home state of West Virginia were small churches. Now I know however the church is like any other house it is not a home until the family moves in and makes it a welcoming place.

#435 A Still Life in Brown

I created this drawing using some soft pastels and a pen. The drawing is done on a 6×9 white drawing pad. There are times in life when being playful is allowed even for us who call ourselves a flower of Jesus. I can’t picture Jesus always being serious with the 12 disciples. There had to be times when they kicked back and fun in order to relieve the tension. At least I think they would.

#433 Little Red Flowers

I have been creating a series of 5×7 paintings of which Little Red Flowers is the latest. The painting is done in color pencil and soft pastels on card stock. I started doing these paintings because I think creating small art pieces is technically more challenging than creating a larger piece of art. Creating small paintings also get you from start to finish in less time so it helps me to learn new techniques faster. We called by God not to be the greasiest but to be attentive to the small things because it is in the small things where we grow and flourish as a followers of Jesus.

#432 Macaroons or Macarons

As an artist certain things catch you eye and you feel compelled to render them in one for or another. These small piles of macarons were colorful and I felt like trying my hand at drawing them. While I am somewhat satisfied with the result I still feel there is more to do.

The painting is done in soft pastel, colored pencil and pen on an 8×11 old book page. Life is sometimes like this painting. There are times in life you pour a lot of time and effort into something only to find the end result is not what you expected. The key to life is trusting in God to guide you so you don’t worry so much about the end result.

#414 Talkin’ To Your Friends

Life is all about friendships. We were created to be social beings. The drawing is a 9×12 done in pastel and color pencil on white paper. The drawing depicts two friends one pouring her heart out while the other one listens. This is why we need friends. So we have someone to come alongside us in good times and bad.