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#457 Small Church

It has been a while since I attempted a landscape. I created this landscape of a small run down church using acrylic paints on an 8 x 10 canvas panel. One of my favorite thing about acrylic paints is the brightness of the color.s. They seem to pop off the page. I think our Christian life should not be like the church in the picture, run down and in need of a lot of repairs but like the colors on the canvas, popping out and noticeable.


#447 Little Red Church

Another in my series of churches. This one the Little Red Church is done on a 6 x 9 inch Strathmore drawing pad in soft pastels and color pencils. I like creating scenes with small church because they remind me that the church is much more than a building it is the people inside the building leaving through the doors in order to do God’s work in the world.

#436 Little Green Church

One day my son sent me a picture of some churches someone had painted on some wood. I have not done much in the way of using wood as a canvas so I decide to some on 6×9 white drawing paper. This is the second one I have done in soft pastel and colored pencil. I like these small churches because most of the ones i would see in visits in my home state of West Virginia were small churches. Now I know however the church is like any other house it is not a home until the family moves in and makes it a welcoming place.

#399 The Little Church

I love to draw and paint old quaint buildings like this small church. They are reminders to me of s simpler time when bigger was not always better and better meant you were always striving to be your best. It seems today many churches, in order to appeal to the masses and grow their churches have tweaked the truth. I have peace in the knowledge that yes Jesus wants our best but we are not to change a one iota of the message in order to appear better.




Daily Drawing #274, Trying to Find The Happy Place

In life there are times when you need to step back and find your happy place. A happy place is somewhere quiet where you can be free of the hustle and bustle of the world around you. A quiet place can be a room, a place in the yard or another place where you can pray or talk to God. My happy place is when I do my art work. It is in those moments of creating a drawing where I lay pencil to paper and talk to God at the same time. These are the times when the tension melts away and I can listen for the still quiet voice of God. Take the time to find your quiet place and go there daily.

Daily Drawing #258, My Church is Bigger Than Your Church

Over the course of my Christian life I have attended or visited many churches. Some of the churches have been mega churches with a couple thousand member, still others have had moderate membership upwards of a few hundred and lastly are the smaller churches with around 50 members. The most recent church I attended was a small church. I found I like the small church the best but sadly churches are at a disadvantage because they are not always viable financially.

Our church was in this position so we switched to an affiliation with another church. This at first glance is a good thing but now it appears our church is locked into getting the number of the attendees up. Now as we expand those of us who once called the church home have left and are being replaced by new members. This leaves some us long timers feeling lost in the membership shuffle. So in my thinking it is not always better when my church is bigger than your church especially when you loose the focus of why we are ALL entering the building in the first place…to honor God and fellowship with other believers.

Daily Drawing #245, Reading Between the Lines

I love to create pictures which on the surface appear to be one thing but on closer inspection are something else. I am not an expert at it yet but I am going to keep working till I get them right. Today it is quite clear to see the girl in the tree. Hopefully in the future it will not be as easy. I am reminded by this drawing of how some people, when they read the Bible, try to read between the lines with certain verses to create their own view of what God intended. The Bible was never intended to be a secretive book. What God’s Word says is pretty clear as long as you have the Holy Spirit to guide you through the book verse by verse otherwise the meaning of the words are lost like the girl in my tree.