Daily Drawing #260, The Patterns of Life

We live life in a straight line but we seem destined to repeat certain patterns in life as our parents. Not the same life per say but we seem to pick up certain traits and mannerisms as our parents. Thus goes the patterns of life, I used to think people were wrong about what I just wrote but the older I get the more I feel like and act like my parents or I find myself saying, “Man my mom/dad used to do that or say that.” So be careful what patterns on to your children because at a certain they will start mimicking what you do and so on down the line.


Daily Drawing #250, Some Things Just Don’t Go Together

Anyone who has ever tried to wash a cat knows in most cases cats and water don’t go together. The same is true of many things including the world and followers of Jesus. The Bible says, “Be in the world but not of the world.” What this means is that we are not supposed spend our lives consumed by worldly things like greed and over consumption. Instead we are to set ourselves apart from the world living as examples of a, “the truth, the life and the way.”

Daily Drawing #239, Getting the World to Sing

This cartoon entitled, “Working on the Cat’s Meow,” is a homage to the old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry is always getting the best of Tom. Here the mouse is teaching the cat to meow in tune. We are supposed to be the mouse. The ones who as the old Coke commercial tells “teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony.” The key is living a life which is in perfect harmony with the Lord. People will sing along with whatever we are doing not what we’re preaching. So a life out of tune will create others who are also not singing the right notes.

Daily Drawing #235, Hanging On To What We Love

In life there are many things we try and hold onto like our youth, close friendships, the perfect job, memories and those close to us like family members. Still no matter how hard we try to hold tightly the rope of time slips through our fingers and the thing we have cherished in our hearts is gone. This week I lost a new friend. He lost his battle with cancer. The one regret I have is I would have loved to get to know him and his family a little better. My friend was a great man of God. His words could inspire and touch the hearts of those who knew him or heard him.

One of the great mysteries of life to me is why men such as him are cut short of their ministry in the church. I have countless questions about this but I have come to understand that God knows what He is doing and has a purpose for everything. So as long as I trust Him I will be okay. I know someday I will see my friend in Heaven and give him a big hug. Until then all I can say is enjoy your time Jesus Pastor Tim you are home, you are home.


Daily Drawing #224, We’re Not All Cat People

Growing up I had a good many cats. One of my favorites was a from the breed known as Manx. I don’t remember the cat’s name but it was one of my favorites. Still even with all those cats I had quite a few dogs. Two of my favorite dogs was one I called Hobo named after the dog in the show of the same name. I named the dog Hobo because he looked like the dog in the show.

The other dog was a Shetland Sheep Dog or miniature collie. I loved the dog. In fact we were inseparable up until the day the dog disappeared. I had no idea what happened to the dog until years later when my mother told me the dog followed me the bus stop and was run over by the bus. She didn’t have the heart to tell me. The whole point of this reflection is the fact we are all different. Some of us like both dogs and cats but their are others who like either dogs or cats. We are all different and need to learn to look past our differences and learn to live each other for who we are not who we want the other person to become.

Daily Drawing #213, A Human And Their Pets

Millions of Americans love their pets. They spend billions of dollars each year taking care of their pet’s needs. In my lifetime I have had many pets. Most of the pets I owned were cats or should I say I was the cats personal care giver instead? Every cat that has graced my home has had a unique personality but have all had one thing in common, their attachment me. Cats show love differently then do dogs.

The dogs I have owned are always there when I open the door, wagging their tails with what looks like a grin on their faces. Cats love by gracing you with their presence every once in a while or letting you know they need something like food or their litter box changed. I currently don’t have any pets but would love to get another cat someday. My drawing entitled, “A Wizard and His Dragon. is dedicated to all pet owners out there no matter what the type of pet you have. I hope you like the drawing.

Daily Drawing #204, Where Have All the Churches Gone?

Back many,many years ago I first accepted the call of Jesus and asked Him into my heart. Soon after I started attending a church where many people listened to what was at the time labeled Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. One of my favorite artists of the genre was Steve Taylor. His music was to say different than anything I had ever heard before. I look back from many years later and think of one song of his which I really liked entitled, “This Disco Used to be a Cute Cathedral.” The song to me was about the decline in attendance at many churches which seems to be on the rise. Years ago attending your local church was something you did without question. Back then the church in turn to care of the needs of the people.

In our modern society over 80% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 20% attend church. That leaves 60% of the people who claim to be Christians not filling the seats in local churches. This means as Steve Taylor sings many churches empty and being converted to other uses.

This is sad my friends because a church is not just a place where we worship, it is a place called to be in service to God in the local community. So we need to get our you know whats back into the seats to worship but also out of the seats and into the streets in service to serve God by helping those in need.