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Daily Drawing #223, Seeking Out Your Neighbor

We always think of our neighbors as the people who live in proximity to where we live. However Jesus , when asked by a lawyer about the identity of our neighbors launches into the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The whole purpose of the parable is to show the lawyer and others including us that our neighbors are anybody we see who needs our help. In other words anybody we come in contact with, because the world needs to know love. So the next time you run into a neighbor show them Jesus’ love and take the time to help them to the best of your abilities.


Daily Drawing #199, Summer, A Time to Enjoy?

I must admit again I am not a big fan of the summertime. I used to like summer but only because it meant we got out of school for 3 months. Today, I still get off for the summer because I work for a school district, but now I spend my days off working around the house, mowing grass, painting and a whole lot more. Not the way I would like to enjoy my summers. I would much rather spend some time outside, lounging around on a patio or deck, drinking a cold sweet tea, while conversing with my friends. The title of today’s offering is entitled, “Little Red and Her Cat in the Sunshine.” Little red and her cat are enjoying being outside on a nice summer day. My hope is you’re doing the same. Happy summer to all and to all have a good bright (and sunny summer of fun).



Daily Drawing #150, Time to Play Broomball

Wow my 150th published drawing. It is hard to believe. Of course there are many more drawings which I drew in the course of this challenge but which I don’t know if I’ll publish. We’ll see. Today’s drawing is entitled “Broomball.” When I was kid we liked to play baseball. The problem was many times we didn’t have a bat. So we would get inventive and use what ever we could round up, sticks, brooms or maybe even a badminton racket. Brooms are a good choice because they have a big end which allows for better contact on the ball.

My advice for the day is this, don’t let the lack of something keep you from doing what you love. I love art but their are times when I am not near any if my art supplies so I improvise by finding a pen and a piece of paper. Even scrap paper will suffice. I then draw what I see and save the drawing to transfer or redraw later.

As a follower of Jesus there are many times we have to improvise, not by changing God’s message but in the way the message is delivered. There are some people who are ready to hear the message but others may not be ready. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and you will be sure to deliver the right message at the right time.