Daily Drawing #289, Hopping Over the Wall

I have an obvious metaphor to go with today’s drawing. In life we are going to up against many walls. There are times when we must take our time to walk until we reach the end of the wall. I have lived through a couple of those, like cancer and debt reduction. There are other times when we must climb up over the wall and see what exists on the other side, like maybe a new life. One of these is the moment you decide to follow Jesus. It only takes a moment to bend the knee and climb over the wall. Think about it.


Daily Drawing #284, Talk, Talk, Talk

Today’s offering is a quick drawing entitled, Talk, Talk, Talk. Have you ever been stuck in one of those times when someone you know just will not stop talking. I know I have. These are the moments when you just want to walk away but just can’t. We all need to self monitor our speech. The Bible says in Proverbs 17:28 that, “Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.” Silence I have always heard is golden and there are sure a lot of times when it is but there are also times when you need to speak up, just don’t lecture

Daily Drawing #283, Hanging Out With Your Friends

One thing I really miss from my youth is the hours spent just hanging out with my friends. Back then we didn’t have video games or electronic devices or um-teem number of television stations. All we had was our own sense of adventure and time. Needless to spent hours of time out doors playing made up games and even more time just hanging out at one of many places. One of our favorite places to go was the mall. There we would compete with each other at the local arcade, comment on people walking by or spend time seeing the latest movie.

I learned a lot about my friends in the hours we spent together.  I know hanging out sounds dull but we were happier and closer then. Sadly once adult life caught up with us we stopped hanging out together and almost all of us went our separate ways. I look back on that time and wish I could recapture those moments now, but times have changed and become more hectic.

Those by gone days remind me of all the time Jesus spent hanging out with his disciples. As they traveled together they learned a lot about their savior and friend and while Jesus, being God come to the Earth, already knew all about the disciples found out what it felt like to hang out with your friends. We need to get back to those days with fellow believers, just hanging out with other believers in order to get to know each other better and grow as Christians.

Daily Drawing #282, The People On My Street

I’ve written before about how Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors. The closest neighbors we have live right next door or right across the street. Growing up those neighbors were my best friends, the first girl I hung with and so much more. My neighbors were the ones I went to when I wanted to talk over things or when a good time was brewing, like a party. Sadly today in many neighborhoods our neighbors are just the people next door we may talk to from time to time. We need to reestablish the connections to our neighbors in order to make each community better.

Daily Drawing #281, Forget Something?

As I grow older I have discovered…wait what was I going to say. Oh yeah! Now I remember. As I grow older my rate of forgetting things has increased. It is the little things I forget like where I last laid down my phone or what my wife told me five minutes ago. No wait, I have been doing that for years. Well anyway we are all forgetful at times. Like when we forget about God and try to do things our way until we find we need to ask God for help in getting us out of the jam we find ourselves. So from now on don’t forget to seek out God’s advice first.

Daily Drawing #280, Don’t Skate Through Life

I spent a lot of my youthful and young adult years skating through life. For those of you who don’t know what that means, skating through life is a euphemism for doing the easy stuff which takes little effort while seeking to avoid the harder road with greater rewards. I don’t know if it came from my upbringing hanging around with members of the sixties generation or not. Whatever the reason I am here to tell you life is hard and takes work. If you want to succeed get to the task of working do not try to skate by because before you know it the years are gone and you’re not where you like to be in life.

Daily Drawing #276, Wharever Happened to the Fairytale Life?

I know I’ve mentioned before about my passion for the fantasy genre. I love the way teh genre takes you into imaginary worlds where the hero must save his kingdom from a great evil which comes about the land. Part of the fantasy genre which always seem to have a really happy ending, well unless you read Grimm’s Fairy Tales which do not always end but always seem end with a moral the characters need to learn. I always thought life would be like one of those fairy tales where there would be this great happy ending. I was half right this life will end for all of us some day. The happy ending will come to those who have asked Jesus into their hearts when we see Him in Heaven.