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#404 A Day At The Beach Redo

This is a redo of a picture I did in January 2017. The original picture was an outline with a red hat. I colored the picture in with some soft pastels changing the look of the original. Oh yeah I also added water.

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#403 Sitting On The Porch

This is actually a redo of a picture, which according to the date, I did in January 2017. I took the original and colorized it using soft pastels and Prismacolor colored pencils. I have loved getting back to my roots of using pastels. I hope to regain the mastery of them I once had.

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#401 A Vase of Flowers

I forgot how much color you can get out soft pastels. This new painting Vase of Flowers has the rich colors I was looking for but still is not completely what I was looking to achieve. Art I have discovered is releasing and creating. The more you don’t try the more the more the mind opens up and creates. The life of a Christian is similar. The more we try to please God under our own power the more in constricts what God has in mind. We need to in simple terms and I don’t like to use this phrase…”Let go and let God.” That means to stop trying to please God and live life for God.

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#400 A Bottle of Wine

The first miracle in the Bible attributed to Jesus is the turning of water into wine. if you remember Jesus told Mary it was not yet His time to show people His true nature that of being the Son of God. Still Jesus being the good son he was listened to His mother and turned the water into not just wine but the best wine the guest had ever tasted. The fruit of the vine from Jesus is sweet. The sweetest thing we will ever taste this side of Heaven. I’m not talking about wine you drink. I am talking about a life lived for a greater purpose than self satisfaction. A life lived loving and helping others. So taste the sweet wine, bow the knee, accept the invitation of Jesus ans start living a more purposeful and free life.

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#397 By the Light Of The Moon

As a young man I used to like to play a game called capture the flag. Most of the time we played the game at night so the darkness would provide cover for our covert operations as we tried to get to the opponents flag. On some nights however, the moon would shine to brightly to provide us any cover. That is the thing about the light it doesn’t allow you to hide anything. Jesus said in, John 12:46 “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” We must always remember God is our moonlight showing us our way through the darkness of this world.

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#396 A Little Wine

The doctor’s say a little wine is good for you but too much can be very harmful to your body. Life in the same. If we listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides us we will be ok because He will not let us delve to deeply into those things which will ham the body and the spirit. If we however delve into deeply, ignoring the Holy Spirit’s prompts them we fall into sin and lose our way.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11. But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.