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#495 Field of White Flowers

Today’s offering is actually an 18×24 soft pastel painting I started back in the 90’s. I found it in a portfolio and decided it needed to be finished. It started out as soft pastel but I added soft touches of oil pastels. The key to life is always finishing what you started. It may take a while but keep preserving.


#486 People Talking

A 9×12 oil pastel painting on a piece of grey card stock. The Bible says that we are not to try and stand alone. A rope of three strands is a lot stronger than one made of on,y one strand. So get in a group and do greater things for God thank you could on your own.

#482 The Cactus

I get a lot compliments about the art I put on old book pages. The Cactus is done an 8 x 11 in page from the early 1900’s. The picture is done in watercolors and highlighted in ink. Don’t get mad at me the book was falling apart and there was not cover. I think the letter in the background provide a good backdrop for art. In life it is not always important to be at the front. Offering good and faithful background help sometimes is more important.

#480 Two White Flowers

A 9×12 canvas panel acrylic abstract painting. I tried to stick to a simple palette of colors. I like the end result. I think this is one of my favorite paintings. My advice for today is this always use the K.I.S.S (Keep it Super Simple) principle. The more complicated we make things the harder it will be to get through this life.

An Accidental Artist

I have very limited art training. The sum total of my formal training being a few classes at the local community college. I am what I call an accidental artist. I stumbled into it because I wanted to be a cartoonist like Charles Schulz. I started drawing my own cartoons based on a cat I used to have.

I then moved on to silly cartoons panels. I even got to the point where I would send my cartoons out, yes send them out, to the big agencies. Most just sent back the standard, “Don’t call us we’ll call you,” letter.

A little while later I took a class on pastels. I loved and still love the ease of use of soft pastels. Now oil pastels are a little more difficult to use but I love the brilliance of the colors. Today I have branched out to all mediums.

What is the point of this whole ramble? Just this, do not devalue you artistic ability just because you’re what I call an accidental artist. Someone who just for the shear joy…creates. An artist is an artist.

#479 The Fisherman

A small 6×9 abstract pastel painting of a boy fishing. The picture was created on a piece of Strathmore drawing paper. I spent the day at the beach. I don’t go into the water. I just enjoy looking out over God’s creation. It inspires me. My advice today is to take some time and enjoy what is around you.

#477 Blue Vase

The Blue Vase is my first foray into oil pastels. The painting is done on 6×9 Strathmore drawing paper. Oil pastels I thought would be similar to crayons but their not. They’re much more pliable and colorful. I will continue to play with oil pastels creating more art with the medium in the future. Learning something new in life is like learning something new in art. You have to jump, no be afraid to take chances and above all keep going.