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Daily Drawing #277, Taking A Stroll Through Tine

Have you ever noticed the older you get the more you take a stroll through your past life. You reflect on all you’ve accomplished, all your failures and all the things which might have been had you taken a different road. I know I would have changed a few things like trying to stay healthier or maybe have become a teacher like I always wished, or maybe kept up with practicing my art but in the end I can truly say my life hasn’t been all that bad. Here’s to life and the roads we all travel.

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Daily Drawing #169, Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. The prompt for today the word, “father,” of course. My picture entitled, “Me and My Dad,” is an homage to my father who passed on many years ago. It is a reflection back to the days when I would venture to the mountains of West Virginia to visit family. So all the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day.

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Daily Timeout for Art #53


I love art because it allows you to take what you visualize in you mind and put it down on paper. My process for art is to pick up my pen or pencil and as Uncle Jed would say, “Commence to Drawing.” There are times how ever when you get a prompt for drawing something and the prompt like today’s which involved drawing something to do with water turns into something entirely different then you planned.

Originally I planned on doing a building reflected into a puddle but what I chose instead was to add a gold fish bowl to an illustration of man leaning on a counter. The piece entitled “Gold Fish Bowl Hat,” is my diving into learning how to do simple illustrations. I love working with acrylics but drawing simple illustrations give a quick result to creating something .

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Daily Timeout for Art #47


While I have come a long way on over a month and half of drawing I still feel I have a long way to go with my art. I would love to incorporate more color and take my drawings to the next level where my art is more artist worthy and less of a doodle. Today’s offering for the daily art/ drawing challenge is one based on shells. At first I was going to do sea shells but came across a picture of a “Giant Turtle and Babies” which I did in a simple pen drawing with highlights of color.

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Daily Timeout for Art #46



It took me a while to settle on what kind of drawing to do for today’s challenge which if you haven’t guessed by now is rocks.  The piece entitled simple “Rocks” comes from a picture I took of a rock formation surrounded by flower I snapped in Montgomery County. I can’t say I am totally enamored with the final effort but I like the overall look.