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#549 of 1001 The Christmas Tree is Aglow

The one was created on 6×9 card stock using acrylic paints and a q-tip and a pencil eraser.


#546 of 1001 Dressing Up For the Holidays

This 18×20 acrylic painting started out as as me playing with unique methods of applying paint. The underlying part of the painting was done by scraping the paint across the canvas. The second layer was done using a bath puff. This is whe an image of the girl appeared to me. The last layer of the white dress was done with a bath puff and the rest was done using the usual paint brushes.

#484 One Flower Among Many

A 9×12 abstract painting created using craft acrylic paints on cardboard. I created the background using an old credit card to scrape the paint. The rest is brushed on. I put the one black flower as symmetry for the rest on the painting. In art as in life all must work together to create something beautiful. There is great beauty when the pieces of life/art join as one.

#481 Looking at the Moon- Redo

Many months ago I created the art piece above, but back then it was only a line drawing with a little color. I decided to turn it into an acrylic painting. Whit I mostly like the end result I intend to go back and redo certain aspects of the painting. In life we are always going to have redos. Don’t fear them. Just learn from them and move on.