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Daily Drawing #191, Dancin’ Among the Waters

Back in the day, in the prehistoric past we didn’t have water parks or splash parks to frolic in we had garden hoses to spray each other with or took a dip in the local swimming holes. Of course my neighbor had a pool but my friends and I always ended up wading in the local creek. The creek held many fascinations. There were bugs like water striders. On most days you could find minnows or tad poles swimming around in the small ponds during low tide.  In the small streams leading which fed the creek you could find crayfish like critters living under the rocks. I miss those summer days. While splash parks and pools serve their purpose it is too bad many children today will never experience the joy of going out and discovering the wonders of God’s creation.


Daily Drawing #187, Watch Your Reflection

The title of today’s drawing is, “Little Things Can Have A Big Reflection.” The way we live is a reflection of what we believe. As an artist my drawings are a reflection of how much time I put into my craft. The more I practice and draw the better my drawings will be a reflection of my abilities. The same is true of life the more we spend time studying and learning about God and serving Him in big and small ways the more our lives will be a reflection of his love. The challenge for today was to illustrate a famous quote. I chose the one under the lady bug drawing. It is my quote and a reminder to myself about how I need to live each day as a good reflection.

Daily Drawing #181, Feeling Like A Man In The Wilderness

The drawing prompt for today was the word, “wilderness.” The prompt made my mind wander back to one of the songs by my favorite groups of my youth, Styx and one of my favorite songs, “Man in the Wilderness.”  The lyrics are:

‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I’m a lonely soldier off to war
Sent away to die, never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all

While the song appears to be about life on the road as a rock star. it also had meaning for me back then as well as now. I will not bore you with the details of how the song related to me back in the day . Today however, there are times as a follower of Jesus where I feel like I am wandering in a wilderness. A man all alone. I have the light in my heart but it doesn’t seem to pervade the darkness. Still I persevere, knowing God is near, and will never leave me to be truly alone.

How to Stay Focused

All should read this article.

Jack Flacco

We have developed the attention span of a hamster. It should not surprise anyone. After all, a typical movie at the theater cuts to a new angle or scene in roughly 0.5 seconds. Is it a wonder not all of us suffer from ADHD.

Yet, our short attention span does affect us, such that it prevents us from concentrating effectively.

How can we remain focused without sacrificing our time while doing it? How can we not feel threatened by the passing of time and accomplish our goals?

Put blinders on.

Ignore everything that goes on around us. We may be on a train or a bus reading our favorite novel, when someone sits next to us who is blaring music from his or her headset. As hard as it seems, we can either move to another seat or simply ignore the interference.

It does take some practice, but it is…

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Support the Arts

Art is a part of life. So get arting.


This morning my wife and I are heading out to a pancake breakfast, otherwise known as the annual carb-fest. We’re doing it to support the arts. You see our son is working with a community theater, he’s acting in a show and this past week he helped to lead a theater camp for a week. He led 30 kids through a production of the kids version of 101 Dalmatians. Later this afternoon, they will perform their production for friends ad family culminating a week of learning and fun. I am really proud of my son and the way he is using his teaching gift and his theater gifts to help others to grow in their giftings. Whether he realizes it or not, he’s putting all the principles I’m trying to teach here to work. Don’t tell him, it’s our little secret.

Then when the show is over, Dawn and I…

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Daily Drawing #170, WV, The Place Where I Come From

The drawing is entitled, “An Homage to WV.” based on the prompt, Where you come from. I was born in the town of Mullens a long time ago. West Virginia is a place where you can go any direction for a few miles and find places to be alone or to commune with God in His open country. I have not been to visit my home state for a number of years but I hope to get back just to see the country side. If any of my relatives read this I miss you but you can me a holler on Facebook.

Be Prepared

Great info


Another way to beat creative block and make the most of your creative opportunities.

So you have limited time to be creative? But now one of those golden moments comes upon you. What are you going to do with it? Do not let this moment pass.

It’s happened to me a lot, how about you? You finally get some creative time and you’re either blocked creatively or you spend half the time looking for the materials you need to bring your project to fruition. What can you do about it? Well any Boy Scout can tell you, (because it’s their motto) Be Prepared!

Here’s how:
If ideas are your problem, you should be storing them (See chapter 2). You should have a notebook or a computer file full of them ready for when that moment comes. Then you can just grab it and get started. 

Secondly, you’ll need to…

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