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1001 Drawings #318, A Collection of Hats

In life we wear many hats. I for instance am a husband, a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, an educational assistant, an artist Buthelezi most importantly a follower of Jesus. The key to life is making sure we seek and understand the importance of the hat we wear as a follower of Jesus and how it ties in with all the other hats.

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Daily Drawing #310, Sitting On A Log

One of the things I love about art is the fact that it can be as simple as a pencil drawing or as complex as an oil painting. The choice is up to the artist. So if you create, create what you want just let inspiration take over.

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Daily Drawing #303, Let’s Keep In Touch

Back in the day if you wanted stay in touch with someone it meant either getting in your car and driving there or calling them on your rotary phone. What is a rotary phone well that is for another time. Today if you want to stay in touch with someone you have a variety of options which include but is not limited to Skype, Facetime and a lot of other options which means there is not excuse for not staying in touch with the ones you love.

While staying in touch in this world has changed staying in touch with God has not changed over the millennia. Prayer and reading God’s word and listening for God’s still quiet voice is the way to stay in touch with God. What, you’re not doing those things. Well you’ve missed out on a lot of time talking to the one who loves you the most.

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Daily Drawing #265, A Pencil is the Number One Drawing Tool

My favorite drawing tool is a pencil. Mostly I use a standard #2 like the ones we used to use in school before they created those mechanical ones. I carry a pad and pencil with me whenever I can. If not I figure there is always going to be some paper and a pencil wherever I go. Having a piece of paper and a pencil in hand gives me an opportunity to create drawings like the one above. the drawing is a doodle come to life. I love to draw and hope to get better and better. Drawing is one of those crafts you get better at the more you create art. Our Christian life is like that. The more we study the Bible the more we will grow in our faith.

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Daily Drawing #245, Reading Between the Lines

I love to create pictures which on the surface appear to be one thing but on closer inspection are something else. I am not an expert at it yet but I am going to keep working till I get them right. Today it is quite clear to see the girl in the tree. Hopefully in the future it will not be as easy. I am reminded by this drawing of how some people, when they read the Bible, try to read between the lines with certain verses to create their own view of what God intended. The Bible was never intended to be a secretive book. What God’s Word says is pretty clear as long as you have the Holy Spirit to guide you through the book verse by verse otherwise the meaning of the words are lost like the girl in my tree.

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Daily Drawing #171, Portrait in Pencil

Today’s offering is, “Portrait in Pencil,” of course based on the prompt word, portrait. I sometimes go to the website Something to Draw in order to get ideas for paintings or drawings. The drawing was based a picture which came up for the search word faces. It is just a rough drawing and I don’t know if I will do anything else with the picture. It could end up in my, Drawings I Practiced, file. Pete Rose was quoted as saying, “My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.” Honing our craft is only part of the equation, the other part can be found in 1Peter 4:10, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:” In closing remember, “Practice makes perfect service for God.”

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Daily Drawing #165, 1,2 Many Broken Hearts

Life is full of broken things especially broken hearts over the loves we lost, the people gone all to soon, life’s regrets and so much more. The key however is to find a way to mend the broken heart. It is not easy but the best solution can be found Corinthians

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Love is the key. Seeking the love and comfort of God first and foremost and then seeking the love and support of friends and family. Broken hearts will come but the sooner we learn to deal with the them the sooner it will lessen the pain. I have learned the pain may not completely go away but the comfort of God and other sure help make it more bearable. The title of my drawing, “1,2 Many Broken Hearts.”