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1001 Drawings #375, Bee Careful

Some of my drawings I repurpose and create new drawings. This is one of those drawings. It started out as a picture of rocks. I changed it and made it all about the bears and seeking out the honey. I hope you like the new versions on.


1001 Drawings #330, It’s All In Black And White

Over the centuries many a written word has been penned to a page. Thousands of letter in black and white put down to entertain us, to instructs us, to spread our wishes to others. None of these creations in black and white are more important then the words laid out for us by God in the Bible. In 2 Timothy 3:16, the Bibles tells us that, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” The Bible teaches us about the world and how we are to live as believers. The only thing we have to do it pick up the book, read the words and with God’s guidance place them in our hearts.





Daily Drawing #309, Cabin In The Woods

I was born in West Virginia so have a fondness for all things to do with the mountains like a cabin in the woods. This is not to say I want to live in the mountains but I would love to visit and stay there for a few days at a time.The Bible tells us that all off God’s creation cries out His existence. This is one of the reasons I like the mountains because when I am deep in His creation I feel close to God.

Daily Drawing #266, Bring A Smile With Some Flowers

Flower are given as sign of our love to someone. Flowers are sent to bring comfort in times of loss. Flower bring a sprinkle of color to any garden. I guess that is why I love to create drawings featuring flowers because I know they are always a cheerful and colorful creation. I hope you enjoy today’s offering. As always remember God gave us a colorful world. It is our job’s as artist to create our interpretation of what we see in that world.

Daily Drawing #259, Take Care of Unfinished Work

An artist’s life is all about unfinished work, some of it is intentional some of it is because creative ideas at times flow fast and furious. I have found there are times I must put aside new projects in order to take care of unfinished work. That is what I plan to do with some of my creations from this blog. In the New Year I plan to revisit a few of my drawing and finish them or redo them in a different medium. I have also our daily lives are the same as our art lives, we begin a lot of projects with good intentions of because we thought we could get them done.

Then when something else comes along we put the project aside for something new. We should however endeavor to finish all that we start in order to get in the habit of finishing what we’ve started. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 8:11 says, “So now finish doing it as well, so that your readiness in desiring it may be matched by your completing it out of what you have.” Life is not only about finishing the journey we’ve started but also finishing it well.

Daily Drawing #253, Go On An Adventure-Read

All my life I have loved to read, non-fiction, fiction, what ever I could get my hands on. Of course my favorite thing to read nowadays is the Bible but I still read many other kinds of books. However, in the school I work in I have seen and alarming trend in the youth of today. They don’t like to read unless it is a text or social media post. They balk any suggestions of reading and complain big time when they are forced to read. However inside of books their are many adventures waiting, a lot of information to learn and in the Bible all the wisdom of God. My advice is to encourage your children to read and if you don’t already pick up a novel or two and go on a grand adventure.Most importantly if you don’t already pick up the Bible and see what wisdom God has for you.

Daily Drawing #251, In Times of Trouble Take A Knee

One thing I learned as a child was self-sufficiency. You see my parents split up when I was young and being the youngest child meant all my siblings had married and moved out. I loved and still love my mom and I know she tried her best to help me deal with things but she didn’t understand the comings and goings of many of my situations. So real early in my life I had to figure things out for myself. As I grew I learned not to ask for help. I tried to do everything on my own. When I gave my life to serving God I still struggled with trying to do everything on my own. Believe me, I got myself into a lot of jams financially with which I’m still dealing. I have learned from all my missteps God is there waiting for me to get on my knees and ask Him for help. So don’t be stubborn ask God in prayer He will be always be there.