Daily Drawing #166, 6 Things in the Junkyards of our Lives

We all have junkyards in our lives where we throw the things we think we are done with. These are the things we store in the back of our minds which come out every now and then to taunt our way of thinking. I know my junkyard has 6 things in it I would love to have hauled away:

  1. Past Failures
  2. Promises ill kept
  3. Failed follow-throughs
  4. Wrong roads traveled
  5. Self seeking decisions
  6. Tests wrongly answered

I did not compile this list to be a Debbie downer or because I like to dwell on the negatives because I don’t. I try to seek out the positive in every situation.The list is meant to show you the danger of dwelling what is in our junkyards instead of seeking to learn from what has come before in order to make our live more satisfying.




Daily Drawing #165, 1,2 Many Broken Hearts

Life is full of broken things especially broken hearts over the loves we lost, the people gone all to soon, life’s regrets and so much more. The key however is to find a way to mend the broken heart. It is not easy but the best solution can be found Corinthians

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Love is the key. Seeking the love and comfort of God first and foremost and then seeking the love and support of friends and family. Broken hearts will come but the sooner we learn to deal with the them the sooner it will lessen the pain. I have learned the pain may not completely go away but the comfort of God and other sure help make it more bearable. The title of my drawing, “1,2 Many Broken Hearts.”

10,000 Drawings That Just Don’t Work

A few simple words of encouragement from Thomas Edison who when questioned about his invention the light bulb had this to say, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I find at times the life of an artist seems like a life of drawing maybe not 10,000 drawings that just don’t live up to our expectations but which lead us to other drawing. Many times we have drawers full of drawing which we may view as failures. I know I used to look at these drawing and shake my head. However I like Edison don’t see them as failed attempts but as stepping stones to those drawings and paintings which I really like.

Each drawing I create leads me to another drawing, then another drawing. I no longer have failures in art but pieces which just didn’t work.

What Is True Art?

Have you ever looked at a piece of art only to say to yourself, “That is not true art.” I know I have. In fact many times in this drawing challenge I have question the validity of the pictures I am creating. Today I published my 100th doodle and as always I have doubts in my mind about whether they are even good enough to see the light of day. I have been taught as an artist, unless your work is well, great, it is not art.

However I have come to realize through this challenge that art does not have to be a perfect configurations of lines and colors to be considered true art. The key to creating true art is simply learning the basic principles of art such as composition, color to name two and then going about the creation process.  The only reason I mention learning the basics is so when you break the rules in creating abstracts and the like you know what rules your are breaking.

So in the end you see true art is not what is true to others it is true to you. I am not a trained artist. I did not go to any fancy art school. I simple took a couple community college art classes and moved on from there. My art may not be earth shattering and not fit into everybody’s tastes but it is the types of art I like to create. It is my true art.

Van Gogh, his work is an Inspiration


I am a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh. His artwork has brought me more inspiration than any other artist except for maybe the portraits of Rembrandt. Van Gogh’s painting are not only colorful but they do not entirely capture the truthfulness of a scene.

As a new artist many years ago I felt very down on myself because I could not give my painting the truthfulness of a scene. My paintings did not have the look of a photograph like other artists. Over the years I almost gave up on art because I could not reproduce lifelike work then I discovered artists like VanGogh.

I looked at his paintings and saw hope. While I know Van Gogh did not have the availability of photographic he did have paints and pens and took to creating the things he saw around  him in paints. His renderings may not be photographic reminders they are wonderful recreations in color or pen and ink. His paintings give us colorful renderings of flowers or landscapes with people. The hope I saw in Van Gogh’s paintings was the fact my paintings did not have to look exactly as what I was recreating but they could be a representation done in my style and in my way.

As artist we are not all going to create our art in the same way but we must all never give up on our art. Keep plugging away. Keep rendering until you develop your own style and your own art. Like Van Gogh create paintings that feel good to you and remember you are never going to please everyone but good art starts with pleasing yourself and then putting your work out there.

Don’t Take Art Criticism Personally

Criticism, what are you gonna do with it, absolutely nothing? Well maybe not. If you’re like me when you create a piece of art and release it to the world the last thing you want to to hear is criticism. No artist wants there work panned but criticism should not be taken personally but creatively.

As an artist the first type of criticism  you deal with is internal. As an artist you know what I’m talking about Internal criticism is the little voice inside your head that tells you your work is not good,so why even try completing the piece, just scrap it and move on. This type of criticism is the easiest for me to ignore. I just press on, standing back from time to time, evaluating my piece, making adjustments and then moving on. There are times I will even step back from a piece and move on to something else until I feel my internal criticism has waned.

The hardest criticism for me take is the external kind. There were times in my art career where the fear of external criticism caused me to keep my creations from the eyes of the world. I still have those fears but now I have learned to hear the criticism, thank the people for their view and move on to the next piece of art.

The reason I can do this is because I no longer create art to please the masses. I create art which satisfies my soul and brings me the most joy. In the end no matter the outcome of the piece I can release it the world, realizing there are going to be those who don’t like the end result, those who love the end result and those who don’t care one way or the other.

So, if your concerned over criticism, don’t be, it is part of the process of having a creative spirit given to you by our Creator. An artist’s life like any part of life is not going to be easy but the rewards at the end of the road are worth the trials and tribulations or criticisms with which you’re going to have to deal.

As a teach shirt I once saw stated, “Keep on Arting.”

An Artist is as an Artist Does…

My wife often asks me “Why don’t you finish one picture before you start another one?” My reply to her usually comes out as a philosophical sounding statement, “An artist is as an Artist does…”

What does that mean? Well as an artist when inspiration hits I pick up my pencil or paint brush and let inspiration runs it’s course. Currently I am working on my daily art challenge, a few other odds and end projects and a commission project for a good friend of mine.

I handle all the different projects at once by working on a painted piece, then moving onto another piece of pen and ink, colored pencil or pastel piece while I am waiting for the first piece to dry.

I know a lot of artists can only concentrate on one piece at time. I don’t seem to be able to function that way. Maybe it is my adult ADD or just the fact I love to create up to the point that even when I am not spending time creating works of art I am doodling in pen and pencil. I have come to like many of doodles because they are more spontaneous and are done with less worry about the end result which is why I created my other blog Whoodles.

In the end when someone asks you what are you currently working on simply tell them a lot.