Daily Drawing #262, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Growing up Autumn was one of my favorite seasons. No not because of school but because I knew Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were not far behind. Now, I am in the late Autumn of my life time. I am not so much looking forward to what comes in this season of my life. While there are bright sides to the Autumn season of life like retirement and having more time to do things you always wanted to do there are also drawbacks. As we age our bodies loose some mobility and aches and pains seem to pop up out of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. I am not whining. I have just realized that as I age each new day is a gift from God to be used for what ever He needs me to accomplish. I now look at the Autumn of my life as new days of opportunity and if I do get to retire someday I will still be working for Him anyway I can.


Daily Drawing #261, Chasing Raindrops

As a child one of my favorite things to do was run through the rain drops. Catching a stray raindrop or two on my tongue. Back then there seemed to be something refreshing and magical about the rain. I no longer run around in the rain well on purpose. Sometimes I get caught in a rainstorm and have no choice but to get wet. I also know now their is nothing really magical about rain because I know it is a gift from God to help His creation, the plants and man refreshed and hydrated. I hope you enjoy today’s drawing.

Daily Drawing #260, The Patterns of Life

We live life in a straight line but we seem destined to repeat certain patterns in life as our parents. Not the same life per say but we seem to pick up certain traits and mannerisms as our parents. Thus goes the patterns of life, I used to think people were wrong about what I just wrote but the older I get the more I feel like and act like my parents or I find myself saying, “Man my mom/dad used to do that or say that.” So be careful what patterns on to your children because at a certain they will start mimicking what you do and so on down the line.

Daily Drawing #258, My Church is Bigger Than Your Church

Over the course of my Christian life I have attended or visited many churches. Some of the churches have been mega churches with a couple thousand member, still others have had moderate membership upwards of a few hundred and lastly are the smaller churches with around 50 members. The most recent church I attended was a small church. I found I like the small church the best but sadly churches are at a disadvantage because they are not always viable financially.

Our church was in this position so we switched to an affiliation with another church. This at first glance is a good thing but now it appears our church is locked into getting the number of the attendees up. Now as we expand those of us who once called the church home have left and are being replaced by new members. This leaves some us long timers feeling lost in the membership shuffle. So in my thinking it is not always better when my church is bigger than your church especially when you loose the focus of why we are ALL entering the building in the first place…to honor God and fellowship with other believers.

Daily Drawing #257, New Hairdo, New Attitude

Sometimes one small change in life can give you a whole new perspective. Like a new hairdo or this drawing challenge i am on this year. I started out thinking I wanted to create my own masterpieces but somewhere along the way I combined along the way my attitude changed I found I liked being an illustration artist more. Maybe you are caught in some funk now and need a change. You know even Christians can get caught up in a funk. Maybe it is time to make a change like volunteer at a food bank or start a home Bible study. The key is to find a way to get out of your funk.


Daily Drawing #256, Don’t Let Your Past Follow You Around

I don’t know about you but I have things from my past which seem to keep following me around. None of them are bad just a lot of what if’s and some should have, could have, would haves. I try not to dwell on them but ever so often they rear their ugly heads and cause me some mental stress. I then have to tell myself life is life and God is in control so what has happened in my life has happened for a reason. If you’re letting your past follow you around put a stop to it now by praying to God to give you the strength to move beyond your past and get on with your life serving Him.

Daily Drawing #253, Go On An Adventure-Read

All my life I have loved to read, non-fiction, fiction, what ever I could get my hands on. Of course my favorite thing to read nowadays is the Bible but I still read many other kinds of books. However, in the school I work in I have seen and alarming trend in the youth of today. They don’t like to read unless it is a text or social media post. They balk any suggestions of reading and complain big time when they are forced to read. However inside of books their are many adventures waiting, a lot of information to learn and in the Bible all the wisdom of God. My advice is to encourage your children to read and if you don’t already pick up a novel or two and go on a grand adventure.Most importantly if you don’t already pick up the Bible and see what wisdom God has for you.