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1001 Drawings #373, Reading With Your Sister

I think reading is fundamental. In fact it is how I’ve learned quite a bit about art among other topics. It is also immensely important to read your Bible. God gave us His word not so we can leave it on a table but because he wants us to read it, understand it by the help of the Holy Spirit and take what we learn to heart so we may emulate the word of God in our lives. So read.


1001 Drawings #320 Read the Book

I am a reader of books. Over the years I’ve discovered the book is many times better than the movie. In the case of the Bible it is a coworker said to me a “a book to read and treasured word for word. A book to be read every chance we get.” She also said the, “Bible needs to be consumed.” I don’t disagree with her on either statement. The Bible is a book that is only effective in changing live when it is read and studied on a consistent basis and you don’t have to be a preacher. The Bible is God’s wisdom for each and every one.

1001 Drawings #313, Woman in Fur Coat

Where I live the cold weather is rapidly overtaking us. This means it is time to break out the fur coats. I am not ready myself but hey it comes with the season. Today’s offering is a pen and ink offering filled in with one of my new favorite mediums Prismacolor Colored pencils. If you’re into colored pencils try a set.

Daily Drawing #308, Girl In The Yellow Dress

I once read an article which talked about how an artist can enhance their skills in a certain area by doing a series of paintings. In another blog I am doing a 100 face challenge and in on Tumblr I am doing a series on cats. In this blog I am have not done much in the way of series except for the girls in dresses. I hope you enjoy this latest one.

Daily Drawing #307, Catch A Falling Star

When I was young you could find me on many nights looking up into the sky looking for falling stars. I believed in the old adage when you wish upon a falling star your wishes would come true. Since many of those wishes didn’t come true I guess I can give some of them away.

Like Charlie Brown I wished the girl who lived across the street from me would see me as her boyfriend. I wished to be one of the cool people at school. I wished to be good at something. These were only many of the wishes which went unanswered.

I know now many years later life is not about wishing on stars but putting your faith and trust in Jesus. He is the one who has the wisdom to guide me through life in order to avoid many of the pitfall which normally strike.