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The View From the End of a Pencil

An artist has a peculiar view of the world because we see everything from the end of a pencil or brush. Our world is one made up of angles, relationships and color combinations. An artist’s world can be realistic or abstract depending on what mood we are in when creating a piece of art. So why do we love the view from the end of the pencil? Here are three reasons, for me at least.

1. The view from the end of the pencil is one of curiosity. Can I as an artist create a likeness simply by placing down a few lines or a few brushstrokes? I for one love to see a work in progress seeking to satisfy my curiosity. Is the drawing being created turning out the way I want? I need my curiosity sated so I move on.

2. The view from the end of a pencil is a challenge. As an artist I study a picture in order to seek and learn as much about it’s structure as possible. Then the challenge begins. I add more and more lines. Time passes. I don’t realize how much, but I press on. Soon in front of me is a likeness. I glance from picture to drawing to see if the challenge was well met.

3. The view from the end of the pencil is comforting. As I have written before, art is a mind quieting and soul fulfilling process. When you are drawing the world around you seems to melt away. Also as you place each stroke on the paper it leads to moments of learning and growth as your skills continue to grow. Opening your mind to art also helps you to see the deeper aspects of other subjects because your view from the end of the pencil is one of study.

So in the end my friends art on, art on because life is so much more when you view it from the end of a pencil.


Daily Drawing #166, 6 Things in the Junkyards of our Lives

We all have junkyards in our lives where we throw the things we think we are done with. These are the things we store in the back of our minds which come out every now and then to taunt our way of thinking. I know my junkyard has 6 things in it I would love to have hauled away:

  1. Past Failures
  2. Promises ill kept
  3. Failed follow-throughs
  4. Wrong roads traveled
  5. Self seeking decisions
  6. Tests wrongly answered

I did not compile this list to be a Debbie downer or because I like to dwell on the negatives because I don’t. I try to seek out the positive in every situation.The list is meant to show you the danger of dwelling what is in our junkyards instead of seeking to learn from what has come before in order to make our live more satisfying.




3 Reasons to Art; A Brief Overview

I have delved into creating art for most of life. The reasons I started to create art are various. Here are three.

  1. I returned to my love of art over three decades ago. One of the reasons is it helps me to relax. At one point in my life I dealt with anxiety issues. One of my doctors suggested I take up a quiet hobby. I used to doodle so I figured I would try my hand at cartooning. One thing led to another and I started to create more fine art projects. Art still helps me to relax.
  2. The second reason I love to art is the challenge. I am a self taught artist. A lot of what I know comes from books and lately YouTube videos. Trying to become a better artist is not only restful but it also challenging. I also look for drawing projects which are hard for me to draw. This I feel helps me grow as a person as wells as an artist.
  3. The last reason I art is because I love sharing with others what I create. I know I will probably never become rich off of my art but it doesn’t matter. My goal for creating art, other than it relaxing nature and the mental challenge it brings, is to maybe bring a smile to someones face. Art by it’s very nature is a participation media. Artists create so others can see or hear the fruits of our labors.

These are the three maim reasons I create art. Maybe you can add your reasons as comments to this article.

Art is in the process?

I have always thought of art as this complicated and illusive process whereby you spend hours trying recreate something set before your eyes. In the same light I must say I have never really thought of calling myself a true artist. When I survey my body of work I see some highlights but more even more low lights which are not offered up for view.

However over the last almost two months of doing the simple drawings on this blog I have discovered that the meaning of art for me is in the process of creating a simple drawing, a full fledged painting or an assemblage of paper and paint. I no longer worry what the end result of the whole process will be but have fun delving into the process of creating which I believe is one of the reasons God,our Creator out on this earth. We ate meant to create and enjoy our creations.

While someday I would love to sell some of my art work I will spend whatever days I have left reveling in the process of creating art.

Say goodbye to 2016

New Years eve a time when an old year comes to an end and a new one begins.  New Years is a time of reflections of what has transpired, good and bad, in the previous year and a time to look ahead to what might be in the coming year.The Christian group Switchfoot once sang:

Gone, like yesterday is gone, Like history is Gone, just try to prove me wrong.”

What does this all have to do with being an artist. Well truthfully nothing except the fact if you didn’t get you butt in the chair and create all the art you wanted to the New Year is an idea time to put the past behind and move ahead to a great art career. Well maybe not great but a year when you create more art than you did the year before.

By the way looking ahead My personal art challenge starts on the morrow January 1st.  If you care yo join me simply send me you pictures and I will share them with others.

That is all for this year. Have a safe and Happy New Year.