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1001 Drawings #311,  Peeking Around the Corner

I have enjoyed doing the year long drawing challenge so much so that I’ve decided already to continue on past this year. The new title is the 1001 Drawing Challenge. The current challenge will go forth unti the end of the year after that the new challenge will pick up with Drawing #366. The new challenge will not be a daily challenge but one of when I post the drawings. This is because I will also be doing a 52 Finished Art Work Challenge. 


Daily Drawing #307, Catch A Falling Star

When I was young you could find me on many nights looking up into the sky looking for falling stars. I believed in the old adage when you wish upon a falling star your wishes would come true. Since many of those wishes didn’t come true I guess I can give some of them away.

Like Charlie Brown I wished the girl who lived across the street from me would see me as her boyfriend. I wished to be one of the cool people at school. I wished to be good at something. These were only many of the wishes which went unanswered.

I know now many years later life is not about wishing on stars but putting your faith and trust in Jesus. He is the one who has the wisdom to guide me through life in order to avoid many of the pitfall which normally strike.

Daily Drawing #239, Getting the World to Sing

This cartoon entitled, “Working on the Cat’s Meow,” is a homage to the old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Jerry is always getting the best of Tom. Here the mouse is teaching the cat to meow in tune. We are supposed to be the mouse. The ones who as the old Coke commercial tells “teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony.” The key is living a life which is in perfect harmony with the Lord. People will sing along with whatever we are doing not what we’re preaching. So a life out of tune will create others who are also not singing the right notes.

Daily Drawing #238, The Best Ideas Come With Wisdom 

Bright ideas don’t happen in a vacuum they come along with a lot of trial and error which leads to a wiser mind. Out of trial and error I have had many light bulb moments. These are the moments when I realize what Solomon meant when he penned Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” The brightest ideas about how to live my life come from God.

Daily Drawing #237, The Lamb and Lion Together Again

Today’s drawing is a throwback to a time when in the Garden of Eden all the animals got along together. The lion and lamb sitting around like best friends surveying the of what was around them. Selfishness ruined the Garden. The desire to have more than what was allotted. Since that ill felt day not much has changed in the world and until selfish hearts are changed from looking inward to caring hearts which are looking outward nothing in this world will ever change.

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”— John C. Maxwell




Daily Drawing #236, Having A Case of the Blues

One of my favorite types of music is the Blues. I always love listening to some of the all time greats like Johnny Lee Hooker, B.B  King, Billie Holiday and bands like Little Feat, Canned Heat among others. The Blues to some is melancholy music built around a sorrowful situation but to me it is a taste of life seen through a lyrical representation.

The Blues and the Christian life do not on the surface seem like a match. The reason. Many people feel that a Christian is a happy go lucky person who runs around with a smile on their face and gladness in their hearts free from the troubles and problems of this life.

Truth be told, Christian do have their mountain top moments but are not immune to spending time deep in the valley during certain times in their lives. Like everyone else as Christians we have to make our way through these troubled times with the help of family, friends, professional help and most importantly God.






Daily Drawing #235, Hanging On To What We Love

In life there are many things we try and hold onto like our youth, close friendships, the perfect job, memories and those close to us like family members. Still no matter how hard we try to hold tightly the rope of time slips through our fingers and the thing we have cherished in our hearts is gone. This week I lost a new friend. He lost his battle with cancer. The one regret I have is I would have loved to get to know him and his family a little better. My friend was a great man of God. His words could inspire and touch the hearts of those who knew him or heard him.

One of the great mysteries of life to me is why men such as him are cut short of their ministry in the church. I have countless questions about this but I have come to understand that God knows what He is doing and has a purpose for everything. So as long as I trust Him I will be okay. I know someday I will see my friend in Heaven and give him a big hug. Until then all I can say is enjoy your time Jesus Pastor Tim you are home, you are home.