Daily Drawing #169, Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. The prompt for today the word, “father,” of course. My picture entitled, “Me and My Dad,” is an homage to my father who passed on many years ago. It is a reflection back to the days when I would venture to the mountains of West Virginia to visit family. So all the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day.

Daily Drawing #168, The Eyes Have It

The word prompt for today is window. I must admit because of time constraints I did a quick sketch of some eyes. The eyes they say are the windows to the soul. The next time you look into someone’s eyes see of you can tell what they are feeling. Words can lead you way but the eyes always tell the truth. So one word of warning be careful with oyur eyes.

Daily Drawing #150, Time to Play Broomball

Wow my 150th published drawing. It is hard to believe. Of course there are many more drawings which I drew in the course of this challenge but which I don’t know if I’ll publish. We’ll see. Today’s drawing is entitled “Broomball.” When I was kid we liked to play baseball. The problem was many times we didn’t have a bat. So we would get inventive and use what ever we could round up, sticks, brooms or maybe even a badminton racket. Brooms are a good choice because they have a big end which allows for better contact on the ball.

My advice for the day is this, don’t let the lack of something keep you from doing what you love. I love art but their are times when I am not near any if my art supplies so I improvise by finding a pen and a piece of paper. Even scrap paper will suffice. I then draw what I see and save the drawing to transfer or redraw later.

As a follower of Jesus there are many times we have to improvise, not by changing God’s message but in the way the message is delivered. There are some people who are ready to hear the message but others may not be ready. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and you will be sure to deliver the right message at the right time.

Doodle #130, Takin’ Your Life for a Stroll

It is a simple law of physics which states, “a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless something acts on it to stop it.” My wife and I love to go for strolls. At times we walk through our local neighborhood. If it is cold outside we will walk at our local mall. One of our favorite places to walk is out in Amish Country around some of the local landmarks and villages which is the inspiration for today’s doodle, “Strolling among the Shops.”

Life is also a stroll once set in motion will not stop until in reaches the end. There is also no slowing down life, no matter how hard we try. Billions of dollars each year are spent trying to regain a youthful look or lifestyle. My question is why? Since we have no control over time why not regal in fact we are aging?  We could the wisdom and knowledge we have gained over the years to help those who are younger to try and understand how to live their lives more fully. This is what Solomon did for his son and others in the Book of Proverbs.

Wisdom after all is best used when it is shared. So take your life on a stroll and use your past experiences to write a blog, volunteer in your local community or do what I do and create some art and add a few words to each drawing.

Doodle #104, A Ladybug Named Francis

When I saw the prompt for today was the word ladybug, my mind immediately went to one of my favorite animated characters, Francis, the ladybug from the “A Bug’s Life,” movie. The reason I like the character is because Francis is not what he appears.  He is a tough guy wrapped in a not so tough attire.

Why do I bring this up is because in our society we are often judged by appearances first. If we don’t like what we see, well I’m sure you know what is happens next. The news is full of worst case scenarios of people misjudging someone because of appearances. Even I know first hand the sufferings of being bullied because someone deemed my appearance and demeanor were not up to their standards. It can be a crippling thing to be deemed different all because you do no meet another person’s standards. It can lead to a life time of turmoil.

The Bible says in John  7:24, to , “Stop judging according to outward appearances,” instead look to a person’s heart there you will find the true person. The outside is only window dressing. The inside is where the true person lies.

Doodle #96, The Early Bird Gets the Worm


When I heard today’s prompt word, worm, right away I thought of the old adage, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm.” The gist of the adage is the idea if you wait long enough what you desire may not be there. Over the course of my life time this adage has meant different things. When I was young it meant I worked ahead in school in order to insure I was ready to go out and play after school.

As I grew older the saying took on many different meanings but the one I forgot was preparing for later in life. The early bird starts to put away for retirement as soon as possible. They do not wait for the time when the worm (money) is needed to get them through. The early bird is left with a nest egg. The late bird, well they not only don’t get the worm they may not have enough left in their nest to get them through. My advice, be the early bird. Start saving now.

The Empty Nest is Full of Broken Shells, Doodle #94

birds nest

Today’s prompt is the word, nest. The drawing is entitled, “Girl With Nesting Hair.”  I am sitting here writing this wondering when my doodle challenge also turned into a inspirational challenge. Somewhere along the line I decided if I was going to draw something every day I may as well a few words to my posts. Since I am older and on the edge of retirement i guess those words have turned somewhat informative and inspirational.

I am not one when asked who will bot hesitate to talk about my faith and how much Jesus means to me. I am also one who has been through a lit in my life and want to share in case maybe you are going or have went through the same thing and just need a few words of encouragement. My wife and I have been empty nesters since last August. I must admit for me it was more traumatic than my wife. Don’t get me wrong my wife misses our children but my son and I had like interests. We could converse about those interests for long periods of time.

I miss those conversations in fact so much so some of those interests, like super hero movies and shows have lost their luster. I say this because if you’re an empty nester or close to being one I urge you to start to develop new interests with your wife. She will be the one who is also craving for something to do with the rest of her life. Start to travel, go places, do something together but find some way to channel the energy you used to use for raising your children.