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1001 Drawings #311,  Peeking Around the Corner

I have enjoyed doing the year long drawing challenge so much so that I’ve decided already to continue on past this year. The new title is the 1001 Drawing Challenge. The current challenge will go forth unti the end of the year after that the new challenge will pick up with Drawing #366. The new challenge will not be a daily challenge but one of when I post the drawings. This is because I will also be doing a 52 Finished Art Work Challenge. 

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Daily Drawing #193, Taking Snapshots in the Wilderness

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with taking pictures. Over the years from my teen years till now I have taken thousands of them. Where they all are now I have some idea. Some were lost in the sands of time, others occupy old dusty photos albums and the rest are stored on a portable hard drive. There are times when I go back and look through some of the photos. Truthfully though most of them I haven’t seen in years. My drawing today is a reminder to us all while it is nice to document our lives with our phones or cameras it is also important to make sure we are not losing out on all the fun while trying to the best picture. I also think if we are going to document our lives it is better to do some videos so when we are gone others will have some reminders they can watch instead of store in a drawer.

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Daily Drawing  #189, When in Doubt, Take A Hike

The prompt for today was the word, “solitude.” You wouldn’t know it if you saw me but I am a very introverted person so at times I enjoy my solitude and what better way to get alone but to take a hike. A short walk along a trail, a quiet road, along the beach or any place in nature is a reminder of the Creator as His creation unfolds before you. Just gazing at His workmanship helps my doubts slip away so  mind can be free of the worries of the day. Alone time, on a hike, can also give you time to converse with God. Yes I said converse, not in just prayer but also by talking to God who the Bible tells us is, “close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me” (Psalms 23:4 NLT.)

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Daily Drawing #182, Livin’ the Fantasy Life

One thing I like about being an artist is when my pencil goes to paper what was one a fantasy in my mind suddenly takes shape. Truthfully it almost never comes out as I envision the piece. Another thing I like about art is the ability to create something out of this world in the true fantasy realm like today’s drawing. “Little Fairy in the Woods.” This is not a finished piece because I am just now working out the details of turning something I can see in my mind into a real image. I have cartooned before but creating a more detailed image is harder. Well I have a half a year to go.

While on on the subject of fantasy. I hear from many about the fantasy world of Heaven. When I hear people speak that way I am saddened. Heaven is not a fantasy. It is a reality and some day when I face to face with Jesus I will be both awe struck, a little fearful but filled with joy when I hear the words, “Welcome good and faithful servant.”  So look to fantasy and whim to create your art but remember Heaven is for real and hopefully someday I will meet up with other artist and we can have a wonderful time creating and worshiping together.

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Daily Drawing #179, Ridin’ the Little Red Wagon

One of my prize possessions from my childhood was my little red wagon. I would use that wagon for many things from hauling rocks to riding down hills. I got a lot of use out of that wagon and in the end when the wagon lost its wheels I used the wagon as a sled. There are days when I miss that old red wagon. Even to this day when I see an old red wagon in an antique store it brings back fond memories.

Red is the symbol of life. it is the color of the blood which flows through our veins. The blood which keeps us alive. Like the little red wagon blood is a prize possession given to us by God. The precious possession which Jesus shed on the cross for humanity. Even to this day when I think about what Jesus did for me it leaves me in a state if awe. It should be the same for anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus.

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Daily Drawing #178, Blowing Bubbles in the Wind

As a kid blowing bubbles was one of my favorite activities. I remember going to the store getting those bottles of glorified soap. Inside was a little wand with a circle on one end. The circle of course was used to created the bubbles. Who would have thought such a little device could create hours of joy. Sadly the bubbles we blew did not last. Either they landed on the ground and popped or we chased them down and popped them ourselves.

Then along came Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. This material took the bubble blowing world by storm. Here was a bubble you could play with for longer periods of time. They did not pop. You could hold them in your hand, pass them back and forth or just watch them blow along in the wind.  Sadly Super Elastic Bubble Plastic went the way of most fads. After the novelty wore off and sales went down the product became part of American lore.

Super Elastic  is still around but it is not as popular as before .There is a lesson to learned about our faith from this fad.  We can’t let our lives as followers of Jesus go the same as Super Elastic Bubble Plastic.  Start out as an exciting novelty that when the newness wears off it is put on the back burner becoming part of our life lore. The life of a follower of Jesus is meant to be as dynamic in twenty, thirty, or forty years as it was on the first day. Let us keep our hearts focused on Jesus and life will always feel new.


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Daily Drawing #175, Peace, Peace, Perfect Peace

The title of my drawing today is, “Give Me A Little Peace.” When I was kid I knew a lot of people who were hippies. There favorite greeting was to say was, “Peace Man.” Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew real peace especially in the world we live in now. One of my favorite books of the Bible is James and one of my favorite verses is James 3:18 ESV, “And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” I am not quarrelsome person I love to be at peace because to me to get peace from others you need to be a bearer of peace and love to others. Oh what our world be if our social media was filled with peaceful messages instead of full of barbs and hate.