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Ordinary Objects That Look Like Fire

Love this artist taking the ordinary and making it into art.



Marisa D. Aceves. Pineapple Composition: Fire. Digital Photography. 2016.

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This is the week of Christmas Eve and the fourth week of our Christmas Countdown! Here’s a favorite object my sister gave me a couple of years ago because she thought it might make a great picture!

What does this object remind you of?

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#446 Walking Through Fields of Gold

I really like the contrast of the colors in this picture. One of ,y favorite artists is VanGogh. I love the way he used shorts Burt’s if color to create a whole picture.i strived for a little of that here. I don’t know if I really succeeded or not. Oh well you know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” or put another way practice makes you better. God does not want us to be quitters. He want us to run the race set before us until we reach the finish line.

#443 Three Red Flowers

I submit this as the third attempt at painting the Bree bottles with red tulips. The first two can be found at The above painting was done on 6 x 9 drawing pad using soft pastels and color pencils.

I was reminded of something at small group on Friday. I have always looked at my artistic talent as lacking in some ways. The problem I discovered is that I compare my art to other artists who have been given different talents by God. I need to view myself in the light of the three people in the Parable of the Three Talents. God gives each of us different abilities and we are to use what we are given, talent wise, to the best of our abilities and not pine away or be saddened we may not be as good as someone else.

#442 Girl in A Yellow Dress

Every so often I am drawn to create a piece of what I call fashion doodle art. I pick a pose, then choose dress color and style then create the drawing. Today’s drawing is the end result this time. To create this one I used Prisma Color Pencils on a 9×11 old book page.

#441 Little Building in the Woods 1

I come from the state of West Virginia where I am quite familiar with these little buildings. Why I decided to paint one…who knows but you may see more paintings. I created the doodle using soft pastel and color pencil on a 6 x 9 piece of drawing paper. I tried to think of a small devotional to go with the picture but nothing came to mind so,I hope you like the picture.

#439/440 Flowers In A Vase – Two Ways

I decided to try the same flower one way and then I recolored the picture and changed it into the second painting. The yellow one is the second rendering. Both drawings were done on 6×9 white drawing paper using soft pastels and color pencil. Today is Memorial Day which is not a day for only picnics, partying and parades but a day to remember our freedom comes at the expense of the brave.

#438 A Walk Through the Forest

A forest unlike any other. A few created with soft pastels on a white 9 x 12 drawing pad. There are times the road God puts us on is unfamiliar even uncomfortable. We look around but do not see anything or anyone we know. There is a sense which grows deep inside to turn and run. We however must fight off the urge and trust God put us right where are for a reason. We may never be sure why we are where we are but truth be told we do grow and learn with each uncharted step. So take the unfamiliar road and learn. You’ll thank God for it later.