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I am a self taught artist who for lack of a better term considers myself to be an abstract artist. I love to dabble in all mediums and all types of subject matter. I especially love to add a little whimsy to many of my creations. I hope you enjoy my blog Inspire Arts as well as my companion blog

Playing in Puddles, Doodle #95


Remember all the times as a kid when we played in puddles. The rain pouring down around us as we splashed and splashed about until we were soaked. Puddles were my inspiration for my doodle, “Boy In the Puddle,” Looking back I still don’t understand the fascination with kicking and splashing in the water but it was fun at the time. Today, I am not a playing in the water kind of person, that is my wife. My wife loves the beach. Me, however I love the thrifts shops at the beach and the gathering of family.

Puddles in rain storms no longer hold the fascination for me as they did when I was a child. Like the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:11 as we get older we, ” put the ways of childhood behind.” Which is a little sad because in order to feel young mentally we need to hold onto part of our childhood

I look back on those times dancing in the puddles with fondness. Thinking back to those days makes me realize it was not really the puddles which were fun it was spending time with my friends. The joy came from time well spent. The same is true today. Friends and fellowship with them is still needed in life to make it more enjoyable. A life spent alone is an empty life. We were designed to spend time with each other. Proverbs 27:17 states, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man (or woman) sharpens another.” So spend some time this week with family and friends doing something fun and childlike you’ll all be better off. Till the next doodle.


The Empty Nest is Full of Broken Shells, Doodle #94

birds nest

Today’s prompt is the word, nest. The drawing is entitled, “Girl With Nesting Hair.”  I am sitting here writing this wondering when my doodle challenge also turned into a inspirational challenge. Somewhere along the line I decided if I was going to draw something every day I may as well a few words to my posts. Since I am older and on the edge of retirement i guess those words have turned somewhat informative and inspirational.

I am not one when asked who will bot hesitate to talk about my faith and how much Jesus means to me. I am also one who has been through a lit in my life and want to share in case maybe you are going or have went through the same thing and just need a few words of encouragement. My wife and I have been empty nesters since last August. I must admit for me it was more traumatic than my wife. Don’t get me wrong my wife misses our children but my son and I had like interests. We could converse about those interests for long periods of time.

I miss those conversations in fact so much so some of those interests, like super hero movies and shows have lost their luster. I say this because if you’re an empty nester or close to being one I urge you to start to develop new interests with your wife. She will be the one who is also craving for something to do with the rest of her life. Start to travel, go places, do something together but find some way to channel the energy you used to use for raising your children.

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Doodle #93


Today’s prompt was the word, umbrella, which brought to mind an umbrella because of all the April showers. April is traditionally a wet month which waters the ground in order to help the beautiful flowers of May to grow.

In life we also have shower. Those times when life’s problems rain down on us so much we seem overwhelmed by what we are going through. Unfortunately in life we have no umbrella we can open to keep those rainy times away. We have to weather the storm until it passes on by and the sunny sky once more shines through the clouds. I make no apologies for mentioning the fact I am a believer and follower of Jesus. It is one of the reasons I started this blog.

My faith and my trust in Jesus is one reason I can sit here and type these words. In school I had many times of stormy weather, bullying they call it today, which left me with a shell of self esteem. It was not until I turned my life over to Jesus that I was able to have some semblance of a life where I could be me and not be ashamed. I do not tell you this because I am looking for sympathy but because I have been through many storms in my life and have persevered.  Even now putting my art work out there for all to see was not something I would have done a few years ago. I hope you like my drawing, “Boy With an Umbrella.”

Fast is the New Slow, Doodle #91


Today’s prompt was the word, “fast” so I created a picture of some butterfly’s. While butterfly’s  are  not the fastest things around they do flit from place to place which kind of reminded me of the people I see each day. We live in a world where time is a commodity to be used as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Everybody seems to be in a hurry even some of us artists, including me. I have loved art and have been drawing in one capacity or another since I was a child drawing blue prints.  There is one aspect of my art I still have yet to grasp. Getting the details the way I want them.

The reason, I like to get my piece done and move on to another one. There are so many things I want to paint or draw I feel I must keep going, not taking the time for details. Some of the art work I have created doing using this method have worked out well, others not so much. Case in point. I love to draw faces and flowers. Each one is unique and require a little more detailed observation. I need to learn to slow down when drawing theses subjects in order to get the detail I want. Speed will come later.

Life I feel is the same way. We need to slow down in order to insure we don’t miss any f the good stuff in life. There are so many people I talk to who say, ” I wish I would have taken time to go to my kids games” or “spent time with my wife maybe we’d still be together.” There are times in life when fast can’t be the new slow but the old slow must become the norm.

Can Art Be Used to Change Lives?


This excerpt from Theresa Dedmon’s book Born to Create shows us how God can use a work of art to transform a life and beyond.

“A similar example of how God touches people through visions and activates their imaginations to bring transformation is the story of Count Zinzendorf, the leader responsible for the Moravian movement of the 17th century. His model for 24-hour prayer and worship as well as modern-day missions, has impacted churches today in bringing revival around the planet. But how did Count Zinzendorf get his inspiration.

During his Grand Tour (a rite of passage for young aristocrats) Nicholas (Count Zinzendorf) visited an art museum in Dusseldorf where he saw a Domenico Feti painting titled Ecce Homo, “Behold the Man.” It portrayed the crucified Christ with the legend, “This have I done for you-Now what will you do for me?” The young count was profoundly moved and…

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Every Day Has a Future, Doodle #90


Well it has been three months and I am still rolling along with my doodle challenge. At the start of the challenge I had high ambitions for the future by creating a piece of art every day. Once I started I decided, because of time constraints, to switch to doodle drawings. In the future I plan on going back and redoing some of the doodles into full fledged art which I will re-post. Some of the others I feel are pretty cool as they are and I will reproduce for resale.  The rest still will go into my good try but not ready for prime time file.

As an artist getting to the end of any art work is both an exhilarating as well as an oh no experience. The oh no part can come with staring at the future and the start of a new project and wondering where do I go from here. I however am one of those artists which has a number of projects going on at once. I always have a future piece waiting on an easel or drawing board.  I chalk it up to my adult ADD but it keeps me from suffering the moments where you sit around staring into space wondering what project to do in the future.

Outside of art, any new start , a job, a relationship, whatever it may be is fraught with future expectations and nervous feelings to control.  I learned years ago from a book entitled, “How to Eat an Elephant,” by Bill Hogan, which is actually a financial advice book. any big task or future expectation must be broken down into bite sized pieces. These smaller pieces allow you to get the task done without it seeming so daunting.

When I first started this challenge I panicked because I thought there was no way I could do that many drawings. Then I remember the task was made of 365 smaller tasks one done each day. I could meet the challenge. So in life don’t panic when you have to do something big just brake it down to smaller portions. I have found this also works in art. I hope you like today’s doodle, “Contemplating the Future.”

The Climax is Not the End, Doodle #89


I admit today’s doodle is not really a doodle it is an acrylic painting I am currently working. The painting fit in better with today’s prompt the word climax, which of course means the end. The climax of any story is the moment when the lot line reaches the final act which should tie the whole story together. In art there is also a climax when we step back from a piece of art and say aha, we’re done or are we?

The piece above entitled, “Winter Pine Tree,” is not a finished piece of art. I still have to do some work to complete the tree. I first looked at the picture and thought I was done but still felt like there was more to do to finish the picture. The problem I have with my paintings is I feel like I never reach the point where I can put the painting aside as a finished painting. Many of these unfinished works, at least unfinished in my eyes, I look at years down the road and am amazed at how well they look.

As always I have a life message for you. As I reach the climax years of my life there are times I look back at my life and think I am done. There is nothing more for me to complete. Then like a work of art in progress I look at may life and think there are a few more brush strokes which can be added to the painting. This is why the title of this doodle is, The Climax is Not the End” is because we must never view our lives as finished because there is always something out there to be done.