Daily Drawing #295,  Waiting For the Snowflakes

I just noticed the local ski shop is now open for the season. This must mean the first snow flakes of the season are expected soon. I am sorry to say I am hoping the snow and cold hold off for a little while longer. We all have expectations. The problem comes when we expect something from another person and they let us down. This can lead to hurt feelings. That is why I always put my trust and faith in God because we can expect Him to do exactly what His word says He will do.


Daily Drawing #293, A Reminder of Things to Come

I know it is the fall but I try to move past winter to the spring to come and the coming flowers like forsythia. In life I find we do the same thing. We look ahead to much instead of focusing on the here and now/ While it is okay for certain things like financial planning it is not good get caught up in the future. In the end you’ll miss a lot of life.

Daily Drawing #290, A Cool Breeze is Blowing In

Well it is that time of year again…fall, Autumn. Whatever you call it, the winds of change are blowing through. There is a new chill in the air. When I was a kid I got excited about this time of year because it meant Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were not far off. Now as I sit here with another decade almost in the rear view mirror the chill in the air means more blankets on the bed, the air conditioners get removed from the windows and the coats and sweatshirts come out. Oh well, at least I have the coming holidays.

Daily Drawing #289, Hopping Over the Wall

I have an obvious metaphor to go with today’s drawing. In life we are going to up against many walls. There are times when we must take our time to walk until we reach the end of the wall. I have lived through a couple of those, like cancer and debt reduction. There are other times when we must climb up over the wall and see what exists on the other side, like maybe a new life. One of these is the moment you decide to follow Jesus. It only takes a moment to bend the knee and climb over the wall. Think about it.