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Halcyon Art

When I went to church earlier today, I picked up this phrase, “ang sakit ng kalingkingan, ay dama ng buong katawan”, (the smallest pain is felt by your whole body). Any point in time in our lives we always feel even the slightest pinch of ache in our hearts and minds. If you think about it, it never really does go away. At any minute of any particular day, there is always something that bothers us. This phrase to me is somehow clever in a way that is understandable by the majority, but a few of us actually admit it.

When someone asks us how are we feeling, our reflexes tend to say we’re fine, even though we’re actually not. It’s like we are programmed to be constantly okay even though it’s perfectly normal for people like us to feel otherwise. This phrase reminds us that we can’t always…

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#464 Abstract Blue Flower

The forth in a series of abstract flower paintings was, like the rest, rendered on an 8×10 flat canvas panel. The backgrounds for these paintings was done with a scraping technique. I like the way the randomness of what is left after you add then scrape away layers of paint. It is like what God does in our life. He adds different layers to our life then scrapes away the parts which hinder our growth in the Christian life. Then what is left is a work of art.