#472 Yellow Flower by Tree

Yellow flower By the Tree is an acrylic painting rendered on a flat panel canvas. The background is done by dragging the paint across the canvas and then rendering the flower. Today I am reminded of an old saying, “All good things come to those who wait.” In other words God calls us to be patient. The problem is we don’t want to wait we want things in the here and now not in the days, weeks, months or years to come. It is hard to be patient but we must learn to have faith that God will in His time and move on.


The Perils of an Introverted Artist – Part 3

I was trying to think of what to talk about in part three. Well here goes nothing. In part 1 I talked about the perils of being an introvert. How shyness keeps us from putting our work out there for others to see. In part 2 I offered several ways to get our artwork out there from behind the scenes. Here are some reflections on how well my ideas in part 2 are working.

While, by using this blog and Facebook to has offered more exposure to my artwork the one thing I still struggle with is generating art sales. Don’t get me wrong I am not expecting to become rich off my art. I just wish I could sell some of my art in order to make a passive income.

I have started an Etsy shop and also started a store at Fine Art American and plan to post more art for sale in August. I however know part of selling is getting out there locally and that is still my dilemma. I put this out there for advice from those who have been in the same position. Offer your advice as comments.

#471 Faith, Hope and Love

Today’s offering is an 11×14 acrylic paints rendered on a flat panel canvas. In life I think we have three things which are highly important.

1. Faith to carry us through the bad times and to share n matter what happens.

2. Hope which the Bible says is “set before us,” Hebrews 6:18

3. Love which was given to us to share.

Take hold of these three things and life will not necessarily be smoother but the bumps become so much smaller in scope.

#470 Big Rabbit-Little Girl

As little children some things seem bigger than they really are. Like that first let rabbit which at the time seemed so huge. My painting is an homage to,those days of huge vision. The painting is done in pastel and color pencil on a piece of 6×9 drawing paper. In our lives there are many problems which seem huge to us but when viewed through the eyes of God they are reduced to smaller problems.

#469 Yellow Bird

I rarely try my hand at rendering birds because I am not totally satisfied with the results. Here is my latest attempt. I created this one using Prismacolor pencils over a light pencil drawing. As an artist I look at the world around and see opportunities for art.some of them appear to difficult but I try them anyway. As a Christian I look at the world around me and see what God sees, people. Some of them appear difficult and unfriendly but when you take the time you soon find they are just like you, people in need of a new way.