5 Ways I Find Ideas of What to Draw

Someone in one of my comments recently asked me this question, “How do you choose what you want or draw?” Off the top of my head here are fives ways I seek out art inspiration.

1. I look. What I mean by this is I’m ever vigilant for the things around me which fit into what I like to draw or paint. The world around us is full of ideas if only you train yourself to see them.

2. I use free picture sites and apps. There are several apps like Unsplash and Pexe which offer royalty free to use photos. Some of these I use outright. Others I use but change the picture.

3. Old Art. There are several websites which offer up old images as inspiration for art. Two of these websites are 99Designs.com and Vintage.com.

4. Pinterest. While a lot of the art on Pinterest is copyrighted you can still use it for inspiration or for practice.

5. I redo old art. I am constantly drawing. Many of these drawing accumulate and end up sitting in a bin or file at my art table. Every so often I will get out these pictures and rework them or colorize them.


#445 Little House on the Hill

I used to love to draw landscapes. Then I stopped. I started to focus on not her for self art. Only recently have I returned to my landscape roots. This offering, “House On The Hill,” was created on a 6 x 9 piece of Strathmore drawing paper using soft pastels and Prisma color pencils. Life to me is sometimes like this picture we ha e habits we try to stop but sooner or later we return to them. It is only through the power of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit that we can truly be free. The key however is to trust which means letting go and focusing on God.