#457 Small Church

It has been a while since I attempted a landscape. I created this landscape of a small run down church using acrylic paints on an 8 x 10 canvas panel. One of my favorite thing about acrylic paints is the brightness of the color.s. They seem to pop off the page. I think our Christian life should not be like the church in the picture, run down and in need of a lot of repairs but like the colors on the canvas, popping out and noticeable.


#456 Floating Along

Floating Along is a 9×12 painting done in Nu Pastel soft pastels on a grey piece of card stock paper. The picture of course is actually made up of a little girl, who dreamily rides along in her little paper where she encounters a giant sea gull wading in water near sea shore. The idea of the painting is the fact that as we float along in life we never know who or what we are going to come in touch. This is why we need pray each morning thanking Jesus he is there to guide as we travel along in our little paper boat.

#455 Orange Poppies

I love the spring and summer because it is when God’s beauty is on display for all to see. There are so many varieties of flowers it creates numerous opportunities for what I call flower “portraits.” This portrait was created using a scrap piece of scrapbook paper using soft pastels. The painting is around 8×12. I love God’s handiwork. It sets off a rainbow of colors. The Bible tells us in Genesis that God separated the land from sea and first populated it with plants. I can only imagine Adam’s first glance at the garden around him. How the breath would escape from his lungs when he see the would of beauty around. I love creating flowers because it is just a brief glance into that beauty.

#454 Single Yellow Flower

I chose this one picture to paint because I like the pop of color transfixed against the black and gray background. The painting was done on a grey 9×12 piece of card stock using a mixture of color pencil and soft pastel. The flower is a reminder to me of each new day we are given. In every day there is renewal and a hope for our walk in this dark and grey world. It is a new day as Christine says,”to see all of our neighbors in a new light….God’s love and light.”

#453 Pink and White Flowers

There are some pictures which inspire me to try them just to see what the end result. The original picture had whit flowers. I felt compelled to add a touch of pink. I just think it adds something to the picture. I used a pen to highlight the vase and stems them overplayed soft pastels. The background is a yellow piece of 9 x 12 scrapbooking paper.

The Perils of an Introverted Artist-Part 1

I am an introvert. Many people who know me would probably disagree with that because I am a talker amongst those I know but it is true I am a shy guy. Social situations are a nightmare for me. When others are conversing I am standing around trying to get some words from my brain to my mouth.

In order to compensate for my shyness I will often joke around or worse yet just remain silent. Why am I telling you this? Well, I am guessing there are more artists out there like me. Those who are fine in their talent and creativity but when it comes to selling their work work, like me, they suffer the many perils of being an introverted artist. Here are a couple of ideas of what I’m talking about.

1. The social implications of hawking or selling our art. To sell our art means greeting there and talking to others about our art. I don’t know about you but When I get the itch to get out and sell my art my inner introvert kicks in. I then stand back, look at my art and say to myself, “Hey it’s not that good anyway so no one is going to buy it.” I am then satisfied I don’t have to go out amongst people I don’t know well and go back to my creating until the selling bug comes calling the next time.

2. The fear that if my art is good and people start buying it I will have to start attending, “artist’s events”. While this one is not as much a big deal for me it is still a thought that gathers in my mind. It is not so much the meeting of people in this one that bothers me because I worked retail for years so I am ok when people come to me. The fear here once again is seeking out one on one conversations at these events in order to network myself among other artists, the people who sell art and hopefully those who will buy my art.

Here ends part 1. Watch for the sequel otherwise known as part two coming soon.