#441 Little Building in the Woods 1

I come from the state of West Virginia where I am quite familiar with these little buildings. Why I decided to paint one…who knows but you may see more paintings. I created the doodle using soft pastel and color pencil on a 6 x 9 piece of drawing paper. I tried to think of a small devotional to go with the picture but nothing came to mind so,I hope you like the picture.


#439/440 Flowers In A Vase – Two Ways

I decided to try the same flower one way and then I recolored the picture and changed it into the second painting. The yellow one is the second rendering. Both drawings were done on 6×9 white drawing paper using soft pastels and color pencil. Today is Memorial Day which is not a day for only picnics, partying and parades but a day to remember our freedom comes at the expense of the brave.

The View From the End of a Pencil

An artist has a peculiar view of the world because we see everything from the end of a pencil or brush. Our world is one made up of angles, relationships and color combinations. An artist’s world can be realistic or abstract depending on what mood we are in when creating a piece of art. So why do we love the view from the end of the pencil? Here are three reasons, for me at least.

1. The view from the end of the pencil is one of curiosity. Can I as an artist create a likeness simply by placing down a few lines or a few brushstrokes? I for one love to see a work in progress seeking to satisfy my curiosity. Is the drawing being created turning out the way I want? I need my curiosity sated so I move on.

2. The view from the end of a pencil is a challenge. As an artist I study a picture in order to seek and learn as much about it’s structure as possible. Then the challenge begins. I add more and more lines. Time passes. I don’t realize how much, but I press on. Soon in front of me is a likeness. I glance from picture to drawing to see if the challenge was well met.

3. The view from the end of the pencil is comforting. As I have written before, art is a mind quieting and soul fulfilling process. When you are drawing the world around you seems to melt away. Also as you place each stroke on the paper it leads to moments of learning and growth as your skills continue to grow. Opening your mind to art also helps you to see the deeper aspects of other subjects because your view from the end of the pencil is one of study.

So in the end my friends art on, art on because life is so much more when you view it from the end of a pencil.

#438 A Walk Through the Forest

A forest unlike any other. A few created with soft pastels on a white 9 x 12 drawing pad. There are times the road God puts us on is unfamiliar even uncomfortable. We look around but do not see anything or anyone we know. There is a sense which grows deep inside to turn and run. We however must fight off the urge and trust God put us right where are for a reason. We may never be sure why we are where we are but truth be told we do grow and learn with each uncharted step. So take the unfamiliar road and learn. You’ll thank God for it later.

#437 Sitting On the Dock By the Bay

There are some pictures an artist does as is but there are others they completely change. This picture started out as two people sitting watching the ocean. All you see is there feet. I switched it up and made it into two people watching a sunset. The painting is done in soft pastel and colored pencil on a 6×9 drawing pad.

3 Reasons Why Art is My Therapy

In my 60 plus years on this earth I have discovered one truth, well besides the fact God is alive and well, life is a rollercoaster. One day your climbing the hill and every thing looks good from the top but once you reach the pinnacle and the car your riding in clicks and heads down the steep hill things can change quickly. It is on these days I lean on God but I also get out my drawing pad and some for on pairing medium and commence to creating. While I don’t consider my art to be anything special there are three reasons art is my therapy.

1. Creating is calming. Sitting down at a table in your hand and a drawing pad or picture to color is calming. There is something about sitting there that make you feel peaceful. Maybe it is because of my second reason.

2. Art is time filling. When you art tome seems to fly by. Some call this the left brain/right brain switch. I call it the joy of creating. From the moment you .ay down the first line of a drawing to the moment you see the finished painting it is time well spent. Which leads to the third reason I like art as a therapy.

3. The finished drawing brings joy to the heart. When you look down at what you have created it brings such a peace and joy to your heart that at times I wonder if this what God thought when He created everything then stood back and said “This is good.” Art is a process and while the start of any pieces of art is exciting to me, the end is where I get the most satisfaction.

These are the three reasons art is good therapy for me and could be for you. I am not an art therapist but if you want to email me I would be glad to talk to you about how you can get started.

#436 Little Green Church

One day my son sent me a picture of some churches someone had painted on some wood. I have not done much in the way of using wood as a canvas so I decide to some on 6×9 white drawing paper. This is the second one I have done in soft pastel and colored pencil. I like these small churches because most of the ones i would see in visits in my home state of West Virginia were small churches. Now I know however the church is like any other house it is not a home until the family moves in and makes it a welcoming place.