#410 Waitin’ For Spring to Blossom

It seems this year winter is trying to keep hold. I however know Spring is here and soon the flowers will bloom and the blossoms will pop. They always say good things come to those who wait. God also wants us to be patient and wait for the good things He promises us. So on this Easter weekend remember those who patiently waited for Messiahs arrival then had to renew their faith and patience when He went to the cross.


#409 Fairy On Toadstool…Texting

This fairy it seems like to text. Who’d have thought? No, seriously we have become a nation who is consumed with texting. The blemish with texting is that there is no personal contact. So make an effort, put down the phone and talk face to face. This painting is soft pastel on white 9 x 12 paper. It is for sale. If interested contact me at Whittsendart@gmail.com.

#406 Wine and a Little Candle Light

I have recently started to look at the same subject’s in different ways. In art I guess they call it a set. This new painting done in soft pastel’s takes the candle and pairs it with some wine glasses and a bottle. This helps give me a better understanding of composition and aesthetics. In life however I try to look at everything through the word of God. It is only with the word of God that everything about this world and my place in it will become clear.

#405 Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance is my tribute drawing to one of my favorite umbrella toting nannies, Mary Poppins. Mary does everything with an attitude of yes It can be done you just have to have the right attitude. God calls us to a life of service. We must serve with a can do attitude because we no, “in all things God works to the good,” for those who put their faith and attitude in Him.