#381 Focus On the So Called Little People

At certain points in my life I have felt like one of the little people. No not a short person but one who at social gatherings or events feel like they don’t belong in that certain situation. All that changed when I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I learned then that there are no little people in God’s eyes. Rich or poor, butcher or baker, or the candle stick maker we are the same when we get to Heaven. There is no buying your way in. The price is bowing the knee and declaring your all in for Jesus.


#380, Another View of Flowers

Once again I am offering up one of flower drawings on an old book page. i love these pictures because each one is unique and never turns out like I planned. Hey that is kind of like us and our lives. We are all born unique and and for the most part our lives do not turn out the way we want. Still like flowers we plant our feet in the firm soil of the Lord’s providence and continue to grown and thrive.

1001 Drawings #378, Let The Heart Be Ever A Present

I have always tried to treat others in the way I wanted to be treated. I decided to live my life this way back in high school where others in my class of 76 at Bensalem High School and my neighborhood treated me differently because I did not fit into their mold. I decided then and there to let my heart ever be a present to other. Put another way, I wanted to show others love no matter what. I would hold not biases, no restrictions. I hope each of us who call ourselves Christians would do the same.

1001 Drawings #377, By the Light of the Yellow Moon

I love the backdrop of old pages for my illustrations. I think think there is something to be said for using re-purposed materials instead of throwing them in the trash. I guess the reason why is because as I am get older I see that nothing anymore appears to be built to last, including relationships and institutions like marriage. I am glad that God does not look at our relationship with us as temporary. No once we enter into a true heartfelt relationship with Him it permanent.

1001 Drawings #376, Re-Creation of Flowers

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I am always reworking pieces of art I have done into new pieces of art. I call this art, re-creations.The one above was originally a digital creation. I looked at it the other day and thought what would it look like in ink and colored pencil. I hope you like the look. Oh by the way God does the same for us when we give our lives to him. He takes one of His pieces of art, an original creation in every way, and re-creates us in His image. A new creation. A new piece of art.