Daily Drawing #273, Getting Out of the Box

In life we put ourselves and others into to many boxes. The truth of the matter is we need to stay out of the box because that is where life is truly lived. Living in boxes hinders us and keeps us from living up to our true God given potential. So from now on try to think outside of the box and see you life and world through different eyes.


#Inktober is Upon Us Once Again!!!

A good challenge for those who are looking for something to draw.


First things first – Here’s this week’s Project Boonka Video:

As usual, I’d love any feedback on these things! I think I’m really getting into it, by the way. It’s a little hard to record with a blocked nose and a sore throat, but I’m hoping to feel better at some point this year. I’ll also try to record something a little more engaging and interesting visually for the next video, although no promises seeing how I’ll have Eli “helping” a lot more than usual.

Onwards to the big inking happening!20170930-2 004

It’s Inktober Time! Are you excited? I’m excited! Could you tell???

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Daily Drawing #272, Some Things Just Don’t Go Together


As I grow older I have discovered there are certain things which no longer go together like when my mind tells me I can do one thing but my body tells me I can’t. As a Christian I have been told over and over again that the Christian mindset does not go well with the worldview. In other words be in the world but not of the world. What does this really mean. I live in the world how can I not be of the world. the answer is simple. As Christians we are not to see as the world does but as God does. This means we no longer seek to satisfy our own needs but seek to become one who gives unconditionally. Think about how much good would be done if everyone who claims to be a Christian lived like one.

Daily Drawing #271, Time is Flying By

It is hard to believe how fast time flies anymore. It seems like only yesterday I started my self imposed drawing challenge and now it is almost the end of September. I must say I’ve enjoyed the process so far and look forward to drawing the last 94 drawings. The hardest part has been coming up with things to draw. By the grace of God I’ve made it this far and I know he will see me through till the end.

Daily Drawing #270, Please Stop

Today’s cute cartoon is a reminder to us all that at times we can be annoying and don’t know when to stop. the poor cat is tired of listening to it’s owner singing. “Please Stop,” the cat meows. Why do we not know when to stop? The answer is simple we are looking out for our own interests and fail to see the cues that we’ve crossed a certain boundary. As Christians we especially have to be careful not to be over zealous with our message. Look for the cues when it is time to stop. Then start praying that God will open up new avenues for you to once again give out the message of hope.

Daily Drawing #269, Prayer is Always the Way to an Answer

Prayer, why is so important. Well for one Jesus says, “You don’t have because you do not Ask.” For another God wants to hear from us even though He knows what we want and need. Remember in our eyes wants and needs may be the same thing but in God’s eyes they are not equal. I have found many times in life when I haven’t prayed about something the ending was not what I expected. This is why I pray whenever I can, wherever I am. Even out by myself maybe by the water or as my little is doing, even on a lily pad. This my thought for the day.