Daily Drawing #236, Having A Case of the Blues

One of my favorite types of music is the Blues. I always love listening to some of the all time greats like Johnny Lee Hooker, B.B  King, Billie Holiday and bands like Little Feat, Canned Heat among others. The Blues to some is melancholy music built around a sorrowful situation but to me it is a taste of life seen through a lyrical representation.

The Blues and the Christian life do not on the surface seem like a match. The reason. Many people feel that a Christian is a happy go lucky person who runs around with a smile on their face and gladness in their hearts free from the troubles and problems of this life.

Truth be told, Christian do have their mountain top moments but are not immune to spending time deep in the valley during certain times in their lives. Like everyone else as Christians we have to make our way through these troubled times with the help of family, friends, professional help and most importantly God.