Daily Drawing #217, Taking On Your Giants

One of my favorite historical events in the Bible is the story of David and Goliath. Here is a young man taking on someone who towers over him. My drawing “Looking Up,” is a modern take on the Biblical story. It is a representation of what happens when someone gets the courage to take on a bully. The simple pencil drawing offers a look at how daunting our giants can appear. In school I was bullied quite a few times and was reluctant to take a stand. I was like the rest of the Israelite army standing back leery of what was to come next.

This message is the unplanned third in a series on dealing with the giants of all kinds in our lives. David showed how easily it is to stand up against giants. His giant was a physical specimen our giants can be a disease, a bully, financial and much. No matter what the giant is the key to defeating giants is to do what David did, put your whole faith and trust in the God and like He did for David, He will deliver you from your giant orgiants.