Daily Drawing #213, A Human And Their Pets

Millions of Americans love their pets. They spend billions of dollars each year taking care of their pet’s needs. In my lifetime I have had many pets. Most of the pets I owned were cats or should I say I was the cats personal care giver instead? Every cat that has graced my home has had a unique personality but have all had one thing in common, their attachment me. Cats show love differently then do dogs.

The dogs I have owned are always there when I open the door, wagging their tails with what looks like a grin on their faces. Cats love by gracing you with their presence every once in a while or letting you know they need something like food or their litter box changed. I currently don’t have any pets but would love to get another cat someday. My drawing entitled, “A Wizard and His Dragon. is dedicated to all pet owners out there no matter what the type of pet you have. I hope you like the drawing.