Daily Drawing #183, Playin’ the Game of Four Square

Remember the game of Four Square we used to play in gym class and on the playgrounds. The game was played with four people and the object was to pass a playground ball back and forth until you made a mistake and were out. My drawing today is entitled, “I Love 2 Draw,” and is an homage to the playground version of the game where the squares you drew had lines that were not perfectly square but still you persevered and played the game.

I can’t believe I am halfway through this years drawing challenge. I have drawn 183 illustrations. There are quite a few I am going to be offering soon as art prints. Some still need work and a few are going by the wayside. Some of things I’ve learned over the last six months is that in order to be a better artist you must try new things and attempt to draw those things which in your mind you would never be able to draw. Also I have found a style of art which is to my liking. You will see what I mean because in future drawings that style will show up more and more.

I am also contemplating changing my art group name to Whitty Arts. If you read this let me know about the name.

I started this blog for two purposes, one was to use my talents to honor God and further His message. The second was to develop my talents as an artist. I think I have so far done what I set out to do on the outset. I pray I can finish out the year with many more whimsical and colorful drawing. Check back each day to see what comes your way.


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