Daily Drawing #212, So You Think You Want to Dance

I don’t usually like to admit this but I am a fan of Dancin’ With the Stars. What I like about the show is when a star is a true amateur. They are the complete underdogs and must learn and learn and learn some more. Even with all their practice most of those contestants don’t not make it it into the finals. Still the amateur contestants are an inspiration. They show me with a little dedication and a lot of practice you may not win the contest but you will learn something new which can ultimately be a lot of fun and enriching.

In my life I have always loved but I never had any collegiate training. Still I keep practicing and practicing as I learn the craft of creating art. I may never earn a living creating my artwork but my joy comes in putting it out there for others to see. This I think is my calling from God, the reason He gave me the gift of being an artist. I hope you try something new this year. Something you have never done before like playing an instrument. The key is once you start don’t give up, but keep practicing.


Daily Drawing #211, What is a Chibi?

The drawing today is my first try at a Chibi. What is a Chibi you might ask?  Well chibi, “is a Japanese slang word describing something short (a thing, an animal or a person).” In this case a Chibi is a manga drawing of usually a little child with a large head and a small body. At heart I am a cartoonist. I have always loved the work of such cartoonists as Schulz and Davis. It is there work which inspired me to take up drawing in the first place. Over the years I stopped cartooning because there was no outlet for me to display my work. Years ago their was not internet so you had to send out your work and get back those dreaded rejection slips.

Nowadays you can post your work on line for others to see. What I guess I am trying to say is this, don’t give up on your art. Keep practicing what you love and then put it our there for all to enjoy. I create art for myself and because God calls me to draw. It is my ministry.  I have been reminded by God and others over the years that if you try to create pieces to please everyone it is only going to get you discourage and frustrated and you will not longer enjoy your craft.


Daily Drawing #209, You Aren’t A Sly Fox

There is an old saying that goes something like this, “Art imitates life,” or put another way, “The observation that a creative work was inspired by true events; based on a true story.” As artists many times we operate like sly fox by creating works based on something we see but with our own foxy ways which happens to be the title of my drawing today, “Our Foxy Ways.” In our Christian walks there are times we when we think we art foxing God. You know what I mean those times when we do stuff when no one else is watching but remember this God is always watching our daily walk.

He sees our ways, even those times when we think we are outfoxing others. God does not watch us because He wants to point out our flaws or point a finger. He watches us because He cares for us like a parent who watches their children to protect them from what would harm them. So the next time you think you’re out foxing someone remember God is watching. You may fool someone else but God knows exactly what you’re doing.

Daily Drawing #208, Whose Holding Your Umbrella?

The title of today’s drawing is, “Umbrella Man.” There are some who view God as the umbrella man. You know the guy who is going to cover your head so the rain doesn’t get to you. Isaiah 4:6 does say that God will provide,”a booth for shade by day from the heat, and for a refuge and a shelter from the storm and rain.”  I however have learned over the years there are times when God lets the rain wash over us because He wants us to learn something from the trials or troubles in which we are embroiled. I have grown stronger in my faith through the trials I have had in my life, diabetes, cancer, deaths in the family. Each one has given me more wisdom and prepared for what is yet to come in my life. I have also lived through the times when God returned the umbrella and stopped before it became to much for me to bear. Still I must say no matter the weather condition I am living under I will put my faith In God and live my days with joy in my heart.




Daily Drawing #207, Dipping Your Toes in the Water

I delved once again into the fantasy realm for today’s drawing, “Feel Fair-ly Safe to Get Your Toes Wet.” I know a long title for such a simple drawing but there is a reason. In life and in faith we hold ourselves back many times because we are afraid to dip our toes into the water or put another way, “Start something we are unsure we are qualified or able to do.” Remember God however has different plans for our lives. He wants us to jump headfirst into water by putting our faith and trust in Him to help us succeed. Proverbs 3:6 says, “in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” If God is capable of straightening out our meandering walk then He is also most capable of helping us accomplish what we deem to be improbable. Pray for God to help you get your toes wet in something new today.

Daily Drawing #206, Put Your Hands Together

The title of today’s drawing is, “A Little Prayer Goes A Long Way.” Philippians 4:6 ESV  has this to say about prayer, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” One of the most important aspects of Christian life is praying. We are called on in another Bible verse to, “Pray continuously.” This does not mean you walk around with your hands folded in prayer as you walk down the street. It does however mean you must be in a constant mindset where you honor and thank God for what He is doing in your life.